Monday, August 8, 2011

Training Derailment and Bike Safety

So, I was planning on writing a post regarding my recovery from Vineman but as you will see that is not the case.  I wanted to write a post that would be "what not to do for recovery" by doing a race the following weekend (BAD IDEA) that consisted of temperatures reaching 100 and high humidity. 
I think this picture shows the agony of racing in heat
It just equated to heat exhaustion, slow times and just taking it easy for another week.  I started ramping up my training again last week and was in the process of deciding the rest of my race season.
  1. Sept 3 - Marlton Lakes Sprint (annual fun race with our beerathlon to follow)
  2. Sept 11 - Quakerman Olympic or Half?  I was deciding on the Olympic to start working on getting my legs recovered and getting some speed back in my running.
  3. Oct 2 - Bassman International Distance Tri
So as I accomplished a pretty successful week of swims using paddles, timing myself swimming, good runs, and a couple good bikes, even throwing in 2 strength core sessions and a yoga, I ventured out to do the Princeton Bike Tour on Saturday...

Susan and I were riding together and planned on the 65 mile course, we met two others in the parking lot to ride with - one doing the 100 that would at least ride with us till 50.  We had a great ride up to the 49 mile mark at the second rest stop.  We were making good time, I felt awesome, we were riding fast but not too crazy.  Anyway, we left the rest stop and there was a turn to go downhill.  I would venture to say we were in the 30's going downhill, I hit a rock or something in the road, my front wheel turned and I couldn't control the bike. I was paying attention but maybe I should have paid a little more. All I was thinking about as I was falling was that I read an article on how to fall without hurting yourself too much in Bicycling magazine.  So I knew to tuck my head and for some reason did not fly over the handlebars but instead fell to the left.  I don't know if I hit my head last, because there was only some scratches to my helmet.  I was VERY LUCKY!!  OR maybe I had someone watching over me....

So, my schedule will now consist of cheering for my friends and getting myself better.  Since I have some badly bruised ribs, it will take a good 4-6 weeks to heal, which means some time of doing nothing and actually allowing someone (husband) to wait on you...I hate sitting still so this should be interesting...

My message to everyone is the following:
  4. BUY A ROAD ID!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't have a Road ID but I have been thinking of getting one.  I attached the link.  This is very important if you are riding alone.  The interactive - what I will be buying - has all your medical info, health insurance etc.  If you are riding alone or running alone - what a great investment.  I had my license with me and my phone but would that had been enough if someone found me?  My stuff was scattered all over the road. 

Also, if you crash with your helmet, you need to buy a new one!  Bell has a crash policy where you can return your helmet with the appropriate information and you get a credit toward a new helmet. 

Until then I will be resting, eating healthy and taking some vitamins to rebuild and get myself better.  Oh, and while I am resting I will be reading this....
 Be safe!


  1. First, I am so thankful that you are OK. That is so scary.

    Second, yeah, get a road ID. It really isn't too expensive at all, and it is just nice security. Here is the code for $1 off ThanksAmanda8171932

    Heal well.

  2. So sorry to hear about your fall, but glad you are ok!!! Bruised ribs have to hurt, but at least they're not broken.

    I usually put my phone & license in my ifitness belt or the bag under my bike seat. But I have been toying with the idea of a Road ID or similar, and I like the small kind (Road ID just came out with one that looks like the Live strong bracelets with a metal piece on it). I just can't figure out what info to include on it.

    I've been debating between the interactive and regular...since I don't know if NJ is forever, I feel like maybe I should go for the interactive. (Then again, $16 isn't really that much money if I need an updated tag).

    Hope you recover quickly!!


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