Friday, December 14, 2012

Life is Short - Celebrate Every Moment

This past Monday, my friend Lauri was taken away from us.  She got sick and went to the hospital on Friday and by Monday she passed away.  Things happen so quickly, it took me a while to process that she was really gone.  I've known Lauri for a long time, she was a few years older, my friend Tom's older sister.  She recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

She was not only a good friend but she acted as a sister to all of us, and always there to help someone out.  I still remember the deep conversation we had when I told her about how I met this guy with bleach blonde hair....who ended up being my husband.

She is our first friend with a baby, Shane.  In fact, my favorite story is one that she told a lot and found highly was Shane's 2nd or 3rd birthday.  Lauri rented Barney and Baby Bop costumes.  Jeff was Barney and our other friend wasn't there for the Baby Bop costume.  She asked me to wear this wonderful costume (you know the big ass ones that walk around parks that are really heavy).  So I took one for the team, chugged a beer and went out as Baby Bop...the mask kept falling down so I couldn't see and we were with all the children "playing catch".  So I kept missing the ball and one kid just turned around and said "Baby Bop sucks, he can't even catch a ball...."  Good times!  She is the best mom and someone that I can model after someday when I have children.  I am sure she was so proud to see her son graduate from high school this past Spring.

 Lauri laughed a lot and was always ready for a good time especially St. Patty's Day - her favorite holiday. I remember so many SPD years of spending with the Hussey family at their house or at the hall or even our friend, Joey's wedding. 

There were so many good times.  Although I didn't see her as often as we had when we were younger, we could still pick up where we left off.

My friend Tom wrote on facebook this week....
"Thank you for all of the love and kindness we have experienced over the last week. We will push on and share this love with our children. As a family we do bend but we will never break! Please join us to celebrate the life of beautiful person who was taken from us to soon……"

Life is short, and we can learn from Lauri and celebrate each moment we have with laughter and love; however small or large it may be.   We also need to stay strong no matter what life throws at us.  She is in a better place and with her mom.  Lauri will always be remembered as the wonderful, beautiful person she was.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gift Guide for the Rockstar Triathlete

Whether we are fast or not, is irrelevant.  Some of us like to train with a bit of attitude, which let's face it, gets us motivated to be faster!  So for all you ladies, I present to you a Holiday Gift Guide for the Rockstar Triathlete, and you may want to send this to your significant other as a little hint....

  1. TYR Woodstock Silicone Swim Cap $9.95
  2. Sugoi Skull + Bow Arm Warmers $34.95
  3. Sock Guy Videogame Socks $13.95
  4. Turbo Skulls One-Piece Swimsuit $49.95
  5. Betty Designs Tattoo Cycle Jersey $119.95 and Cycling Shorts $99.99

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