Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's Been Happening in Training, Food and Beer?

I feel like there has been so much going on but I don't want to bore you to tears with my pregnancy journal - that's on minifancypants blog.

I have been feeling a loss about posting to this blog and instead have been reporting on MiniFancyPants on my preg journey.  But then I got to thinking the purpose of this blog - what was going on in beer, training, food and life.  So here are some highlights...

Broken Goblet - the little brewery will be finally coming to fruition by September - Broken Goblet will include  a tasting room with growler filling and distributing kegs to bars- all of this is very exciting and Mike and the three guys (Jay, Bub and Joe) that have been working their asses off in getting this off the ground....As you may remember I have posted about Brewtal Beer in past posts (3 part post at the end of 2011 that you can read here) but since a trademarking battle that has turned into the name of Broken Goblet.

As for the club, the name Brewtal will be kept.  The Brewtal Beer Club is a monthly meeting that has now been running for over a year successfully. The club occurs the last Friday of every month in Bristol, PA at a new location Business Casual Coworking (an incredibly cool co-working space) which is also now the home tasting room for Broken Goblet!

So you want to try the beer to get a sense of what it's about??  If you are somewhat local Broken Goblet will have a booth at the Yardley Beer Festival this weekend!  Last year, we kicked kegs left and right and had a great turnout.

Also if you come to a club meeting, Brewtal beer club ($15 for a great night of beer tasting, food and mingling) they sometimes test out some new recipes with members!!  This month will be May 31 - Shmoozin', Boozin' & Fondu-zin'.

In other beer news, I promise a summer beer list in one of the next posts based on my Broken Goblet/Brewtal family.

Okay, so my training had to take a back seat.  I had posted way back that I would be swimming like Dara Torres come delivery but I think I swam once so far in the pregnancy.  What I have been doing is running, biking and lots of yoga and strength training, to keep myself healthy and ready for delivery.  I did recently do an 8k at 5.5 months pregnant  with my best friend and running partner Christine who is due 5 weeks after me!  We didn't plan

at 5.5 months...belly has grown significantly since then...

but now going into my third trimester, it is becoming a little more difficult to maintain a steady pace without the frequent walk pee breaks.
Still see my feet!

After some wogging (a cross between jogging and some walking) and smoothieing with Yasi and some tweeting among the four of us, Yasi,  Anabel and Katie, I am going to start thinking of my comeback race.  I got a little jealous of their training weekend in So Cal.  I decided on a half-ironman for 2014 sometime between May and September.  I loved Vineman but if Rev3 does Portland again, I may have to change it up.  Or just do something local.  I am still looking to do a 10K in November to get myself back and then start base training from there.  Throwing in a half-marathon sometime in March/April.  More to come there.

I did buy the new Brooks Pure Cadence and the jury is still out.  I wanted to write a review but they aren't making me feel the same love as the last model...I don't know if it is my running gait at now 7 months pregnant or if it is the shoes so I figure I will see how they work post-pregnancy.

 So my food posts were lacking, not because I am not eating healthy, I try most times...

(ok there has been a bit more ice cream, fro yo and gelati's from Rita's), but because when you have no kitchen it's really hard to really get in there and cook over the spackel dust....hence the previous pictures and paper plates.  Kitchen remodeling started in February and should be finished in the next couple weeks...should be....It will be great when done! 

Above shows the old cabinets and the new cabinets are below -- can't wait till done!
However, the farmer market is opens today in Princeton and am so excited to see what that will bring!

And lastly, just some recent pics of what's been happening!

Getting in some lovely outside prenatal yoga

My cousin Vanessa is getting married (in white dress)

Mya turned 1 - so a good reason for the paparazzi to come out..

My prego partner in crime!

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