Friday, November 11, 2011

Brewtal Beer Club - It's Not Just a Club...It's a Movement - PART 1 - THE CLUB

Curious, huh?  What is it?  

I figured I would do a three part post - The Club, The Food, The Beer - I needed to get in my MissFancyPants' fall beer post before it's too late, I made some great recipes out of beer and well, I figured I may as well orient you with Brewtal Beer.

I became a charter member and I encourage you all to be a part of this MOVEMENT....

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Brewtal Beer began as 2 guys  lamenting their day jobs, and is now growing into a movement, and YOU can be a part of it!!

Brewtal has three main goals:

  1. Create a movement with a fully-functioning homebrew group
  2. Turn that group into a successful and marketable brand
  3. turn that brand into a bar, the Brewtal Beer Company

...and we were founded with these three tenets:

  1. Have fun/be fun - if you cannot take a joke, if you are above poking fun at something that deserves it, if you have a fragile ego, then Brewtal is not for you
  2. Be inclusive, not exclusive - this is not a chance to be a beer snob, or a chance to show how much you know, this is movement to bring the new and the seasoned into the world of craft beers and have fun doing it. We will simplify this entry for you, and you will be asking to see a bottle list at dinner after only one meeting.
  3. Be a marketing machine - grab this brand by the horns and run with it, wear a Brewtal shirt, hand out some stickers or cards, ask your waiter to speak with the manager and see if they will give card-holders a discount. Beer is more social than wine, more social than cigars, it's just a nice way to meet new people. And when you meet them, tell them about Brewtal!!

Brewtal meets the third friday of every month in Bristol, PA. Come out to our next meeting, bring $10 with you, and you get a full meal, great conversation, and a ton of the best beer you will ever drink, homebrewed and store-bought. See if you like what you see/hear, and if you decide to join, consider that first meeting on us. New members registration fee is $60 for 6 months, but if you join while attending a meeting, you get an extra month of goodness for free! And if you are not sure, you are welcome to attend another meeting, however subsequent meetings are $20 per attendee. Of course, membership has its privileges, such as

  • membership card that will offer discounts at local eateries and bars
  • business cards and stickers
  • a Brewtal-branded tshirt and other unique swag
  • exclusive sessions with local brewmasters and homebrew gurus
  • inclusion in special Brewtal outings, like Brewery tours and pub crawls, as well as beer festival booths and other marketing/socializing events

Everything can be explained in much greater detail if you attend a meeting, so c'mon, it is the best $10 you will spend all week. Check out a little intro video here at  

and RSVP for the next event at

We hope to see you soon and stay Brewtal!!

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