Sunday, December 19, 2010

The P-Word

2 years ago, I had plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is when you have inflammation of the band of tissue that runs from the heel along the arch of the foot.
Causing this pain was the Newton running shoes, I probably should not have been training with them, I also have a low arch and over-pronation....So I had made a terrible decision that tri-season and ditched the Brooks stability trainers for these pink/orange fast moving things. As much as I am sure they work for others, I highly suggest you check with your foot doctor if you have had foot issues in the past.

So, with orthodics, lots of ice and biofreeze, and advil, I was back running pain free. I missed the Philadelphia 1/2 marathon back in '08. But by Jan '09 I was running, slower than before but I was running.

Apparently, you are supposed to change orthodics every year, and I guess with the non-stop running that wasn't a positive thing. Anyway, last Friday, I went out for my normal 6 mile run. I was completely stressed out from work and other things that were on my plate, the holiday's, etc and did notice a tiny pain in my heel as I was putting on my sneakers...Decided to say f' it, and put on my Garmin and run (dumb decision #1). It was a great run, despite this nagging little pain. I have to be honest, I really didn't think it was plantar fasciitis, because that pain went from heel to arch last time. This was mainly in the inner part of the heel to arch, almost feeling like a bruise. And well, for all of you that know me, I am not the most graceful lady.

So, I got ready for Amy's bachelorette party, put on my Jessica Simpson cute party shoes (dumb decision #2). (mine are the ones on the left - 4.5 inches to be exact)

and went out. Well, later in the night, besides my drunken normal klutziness, I realized I couldn't walk, it hurt severely. When your friends say you are walking like a crab and it wasn't just from having the cocktails, you know there was something wrong.

So I woke up and decided to take the day off (hangover helped that decision), and still planned on doing 14 miles on Sunday. But it hurt, all day, then to make matters worse we had party #2 for a surprise party. So, stupidly, trying to look cute, I put on the next lovely pair of shoes (dumb decision #3), and ended up with no-shoes for the remainder of the night, since I could barely walk.

Woke up, decided no 14 miles, go make an appointment with foot doctor on Monday. I rested all day, ice, biofreeze and in the back of my mind knew what it was - the love PF was creeping up again. Made my appointment, luckily I work from home and I had another deadline, so I just iced/biofreezed and waited to Tuesday.

Went to the podiatrist - no stress fracture! Well that is a good sign (I calculated that to be a longer rest period - thus no marathon or 1/2). Plantar Fasciitis, yes, but this time, I caught it early - yeah?? = I needed new orthodics. We made a plan, I was to drop down to the 1/2 marathon and he would have me running in 2-3 weeks. Okay, buddy, what do I need to do?

Week 1 -
  1. Cardio - swim only - and rest, rest, rest. No weights, no yoga, nothing, just stay off my feet.
  2. In case of running errands, Christmas shopping, wear orthodics 98% of the time (my old ones) even when I was sitting at my desk, including slipping in my dress orthodics that I never wear into any other shoes...
  3. NO HEELS - Okay, I have tons of flat boots.
  4. Wear some fancy brace that fits in my sneakers.
  5. Ice/Biofreeze - 4 times a day
  6. Advil - 2 times a day.
Week 2 - Christmas Week
  1. Start up bike only if no pain, do the trainer versus spin class to go on your own and ice and biofreeze immediately after.
  2. Start leg strength training, use machines so there is less strain on my heels.
  3. Start yoga again.
  4. Continue swimming.
  5. Get a new pair of running shoes (don't ask me twice...)
  6. Continue all of treatment regimen (ice/biofreeze/advil)
  7. If I have to wear heels - limited time and wear orthodics in them.
  8. At the end of the week take a visit to the doctor for an ultrasound to see how bad and if I can start running.
Orthodics come in 4 weeks. So from my calculations and just past experience, if I take 3 weeks max to start running, I can definitely bang out the 1/2 marathon in Feb. If I can do some long bike sessions for endurance, build my strength with weights, and continue swim sessions. Even if I have to go at a slower pace, I will be able to do 6 miles at rest end. That is what happened with my ankle injury last year, as long as I kept up the long and quality bike sessions, I still had the endurance, slower but it was there. However, no marathon. I am not being stupid, especially if I want to race and do well this season!

The good part to all this is that I HAD to go to the pool, since I go insane by not doing anything. I went there, and it was great. I did 2000 meters, I found a rhythm and I had a good time! I went again, different workout, 2000 meters and I found my groove again. I think I needed some good time off and realized how much I really do enjoy it. It is very therapeutic.

Today, I am finishing up some shopping, more decorating, cleaning and throwing in some P90x Chest and Back and the ab tape.

Positive Thinking Only! Make it Work!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger

That's kind of how I felt as I was doing my 5 mile track workout in 33 degree weather and wind that made me feel like I was in one of those bad dreams. You know the one where someone is chasing you but you can't run or walk....okay, I am being a little over-dramatic. Just like I dramatized my detox over the week. As I looked back over the week, it was pretty damn easy with the exception of the headache that lingered over 5 days...Once you get through the first few days, it becomes automatic, the eating, no caffeine, no drinking, etc. Where even today, I almost forgot I was!!!!!!!

I have a couple great recipes I would like to share:

Breakfast 1 or snack - Silken tofu blackberry shake

1 serving of soft tofu
1/4 cup blackberries
1 cup of soy milk vanilla non-sweetened
1/4 cup of fage 0% yogurt
agave for sweetener

Dinner 1 - Tofu Rice Bowl

Marinate tofu in soy sauce, rice vinegar, sirachi sauce and tspn vegetable oil.

Bring fresh string beans to a boil, drain, add some vegetable oil, put string beans back in the skillet, add some red peppers, a good amount of tamari ( a few circles of the pan) and cook until browned and softened. Add sesame seeds.

Have some brown rice in the rice cooker.

Spray a pan with Pam and brown the tofu. Scramble some eggbeaters. Add together in a bowl.

Dinner 2 - Faux ground meat green chili over spaghetti squash

Smart Meat Ground "Meat"
Tomatillos (about 10) chopped
1 Jalapeno chopped
1/2 package of Trader Joe's frozen roasted corn
Olive oil
Garlic chopped
1/2 can tomato sauce or diced tomatoes
1 onion chopped
1 cup of chicken broth
3 roasted poblano pepper chopped (To roast = place in oven for 30 min at 350 degrees to roast, place in a bag and skin.)
1 spaghetti squash

Cut spaghetti squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out seeds. Add some chili seasoning, salt, place scooped out side down in casserole dish. Fill with about 1 inch of water. Place in oven at 350 for 45min.

Sautee garlic and onions. Add tomatillos, roasted poblanos. Let simmer for about 15 min, add ground "meat", add chicken broth, tomato sauce or diced tomatoes bring to a boil and simmer for 25 min.

Use a fork to make spaghetti squash - spaghetti like. Serve the chili over the spaghetti squash.

Salad - Pink Grapefruit Dill Salad

1 bunch of Radicchio
2 Endives
1 cup Spring Mix
Chopped pink grapefruit without skin
1/4 cup of chopped dill

For dressing use:
1 part White vinegar
1/2 part Olive oil
Dash of Agave

I kind of made this up and was delish!!

Last but not least, my personal favorite -Quinoa Panzanella Salad.

I had a holiday party on detox. I was a little worried but - Make it Work! I did have one glass of red with my mom and mother-in-law - I couldn't be rude!! I filled up my plate with salad, ate some veggies and hummus, fruit, and my quinoa salad.

1.5 cups of quinoa
3 cups of water

Rinse quinoa, add to water, bring to a boil and let simmer, covered.

8 Tomatoes on the vine (any tomatoes) chopped
1 cup of basil chopped
1/2 jar of kalamata olives pitted
1 jar of roasted peppers chopped (I like the yellow/red ones - looks pretty)
Capers (optional)
1 cup of pearled mozzarella balls

Add together mix with a dressing of 1 part balsamic, 2 parts olive oil, salt pepper.

Once quinoa is warm - NOT HOT - add to salad and mix. Put in the fridge until ready to serve.
Till next time!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meals and Metal

??? From the title, you were probably saying, what????

Day 2 is still going strong, although there were temptations like going to an Italian place for lunch with my best friend and going to see Beyond Dishonor last night.

I started out the morning with a tried and true breakfast smoothie, the pineapple kale smoothie - however, I didn't have time for the "smooth" puree and ended up coughing up kale pieces and looking like I had missing teeth (pieces of kale made a toothy smile).

Before I left for the show, I was able to get in the Plyometrics - P90x, which I am still sore this morning, did a conference call and made tonight's insanely good dinner recipe -

Mushroom-Ceci (aka chickpeas in Italian) soup with quinoa.

1 package of dried porcini mushrooms
4 cups of water

3/4 of a container of white or portabella mushrooms
1/2 can of ceci beans (aka chickpeas)
1 carrot chopped
1 celery chopped
6 garlic cloves
1 swirl of olive oil
italian seasoning of some sort with parsely, red pepper etc.
1 cup of quinoa

Soak the dried mushrooms in warm water for 30 min. Then strain and put juice aside.

Saute garlic, celery, carrots, mushrooms in olive oil ans sprinkle some salt and seasoning.
Once softened add ceci beans and pour some of the mushroom juice in to simmer (reserving about 1.5 cups for quinoa).

Prepare 1 cup of quinoa with 1.5 cups of broth, bring to a boil and simmer until juice is gone.
Add everything together and serve. I did add some left over tofu pieces for some extra protein.

So as I was saying I went to see Beyond Dishonor and was strong and did not have a beer. Although, I think that is easier than no caffeine...

So anyway, you really should go to this link and vote for Beyond Dishonor -
Project Independent. Their album comes out 1/11/11 - Travesty. Check them out on myspace.

Besides the fact that my husband is in the band, they are fucking talented! The travesty album features songs based on movies such as Full Metal Jacket.

Lastly I would like to close this post with this video. When I went to see Beyond Dishonor, Mike says you need to stay for this last band, their songs are off of old video games (Zelda, Tetris, Powerrangers...) but with power metal. Well they were killer and just thought I would save a youtube video.

Video for Powerglove - Mario Minor

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