Friday, August 19, 2011

New HGRC Logo = New Shirts!!!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, two girls were running around a they were all sweaty, feeling disgusting in the pleasant Jersey humidity...

This is a short video that sort of describes the conversation that Christine and I had....

HGRC Beginning

So this is my partner in crime....remember we decided to do our first triathlon over Jager shots....

The HGRC was not just developed for runners or triathletes, it was developed for the woman that embraces health and well-being and of course, FUN.  We have runners, walkers, Zumba instructors, triathletes, gym-goers, etc. 
An HGRC girl is resourceful

We have creative signs and great cheerleaders!!
We love the paparazzi

HGRC circuit training - obviously ending in a drink

HGRC Tire Changing Class

tire-changing class gone wrong

Christine used her thumbs!!  Best advice ever.

sporting our logo at tris

Philly 1/2 marathon

So join in the fun - here is our latest logo developed by our "creative team," i.e three girls and a couple of beers combing our love for metal and triathlons!

There will be another in the works for the fall where we will be creating some hoodies.  If you would like a shirt - please email me for details or ordering information at  Shirts will be from Old Navy - if you would like to order one.  This order for tanks will need to be in by Monday evening, August 22nd.  However, we may do a tech type of shirt with the same logo in the next month!


  1. How cute! You girls look like my kind of ladies! :)

  2. LOVE IT! such a fun slew of pics. :)


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