Monday, May 21, 2012

Prepping for Mooseman!

This weekend really helped put things into perspective and now I am ready to go.  As you know from my past whining  race reports on races as of last year and the prior - I have been nothing short of feet issues, calf cramping.  For the first time, I am happy to report -  I had a great run/finish to a triathlon!!  I haven't said that in a long time and I didn't even care that the swim was a sh#*show and I could have had a better transitions (no surprise there) and probably went a little harder on the bike.

Hopefully, I will have some time tomorrow to put together an actual race report - but in summary....
Great friends, race, food and beer - what more can a girl want!
 It was a nice and surprising feeling when you do a negative split on the run portion of a race, that the last three miles felt even better than the first three and the thought that creeps up is maybe I should have went harder on the bike or went faster on the run. I was being slightly cautious to do more high cadence than more power on the bike, but, you know what I finally feel like it was a great rehearsal for the show on June 3rd. 

Most of you know, I will be doing Mooseman 70.3 on June 3rd.  There is a reason for why I am doing it...

My father-in-law, dad #2, Carle LaCouture was diagnosed with ALS in the fall of 2010.

I have watched him over the past year battle the disease with strength and tenacity and little to no complaint, taking every day one day at a time. It made me reflect on why I do these various races like a HIM in the first place. Instead of choosing a race this year based on a vacation location or whether the course is somewhat flat, I decided to do one based on Carle. I settled on Mooseman 70.3 New Hampshire for two reasons:

  1. 1. New Hampshire is where Carle grew up.
  2. This one was one of the more challenging race course (and beautiful). With the significant amount of climbing on the bike and run portion after starting out with a chilly swim, I figured this would be the most demanding and mean the most to complete something like this. Because Carle encounters much more difficult challenges battling this disease. So there is no reason, why me, who is healthy, can't undertake something like this.

I am hoping that this race, as small as it may be in the big scheme of things, helps in the awareness and funds to find a cure and treatment for ALS.

 If you wish to donate to something near and dear to our family's heart please click the link below. 

Tri-ing to fight ALS at Mooseman

As of next Friday I will be packing up my stuff, my husband, Carle and Nancy, my sister, Theresa and my parents, Betty and Tony and driving 6ish hours to the state of New Hampshire.  Hopefully I won't bore them to tears while they wait another 7 hours for me to finish...(budgeting hills)

I am so thankful every day for being healthy and to be able to do these events!

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  1. Sorry we can't be there to cheer you on, too. Kick some ass. :)


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