Sunday, May 13, 2012

Emotional Rollercoaster of a Triathlete

While soaking in the aftermath of a high volume week including a ride with over 4,600 of climbing and a 11 mile run the next morning, I thought about all the emotions I had this week. It's funny, I don't think any race has gotten me this upset with whether I can do this.  Maybe it is this "little elevation map that is playing in repeat in my head" for June 3rd....

So my emotions and training started off quite mildly...
"yeah good to be back after last week's recovery week"
"I'm feeling pretty solid"
"OMG I had the best brick I'm gonna be so fast all my training has come together"
"I needed this neutral bike spin, legs feel good for Sat"

AND then the emotions went to this...

Saturday - The 60mile 4,700+ft of climbing had me go through a range....
"Shit there is no way I can finish, I can't believe I may cry [when I realized I had to ride another 2 miles or so of climbing to get to my friends when I made a wrong turn], I should call Mike to pick me up, what if this is no comparison to Mooseman, what if I can't finish Mooseman, I'm so awesome I just climbed all that, I'm really fast on downhills, if I lose 5 lbs will I be faster? I'm starving, I'm thirsty, I hate my bike, I love my bike, I'm finished, I'll be fine for Mooseman, I'm so cool I just finished all that biking, we climbed so much, so ready..."
The photo top right is after the ride - note the faces were quite opposite during....
My new addiction - luckily I only do two spoonfuls...

Sunday's Long Run - my random thoughts and emotions over 11 miles
"Holy crap, my legs are heavy, I'm slow, okay I can do this, I still have 9 miles to go, shit, fuck, shit, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, waaa, stop feeling sorry for yourself, there are people out there that can't even walk, suck it up, okay, I'm going, this pace feels good, slow but good, I can manage this for Mooseman after the hills, maybe not, I think I need to walk, it's really hot, I think I should move faster but my legs aren't hearing my brain for some reason, this stupid electrolyte drink tastes like ass, I should have worn compression socks, I wonder what it would be like to jump in the canal, probably get some disease, those people kayaking look so peaceful, what if I asked them to kayak me to the car, damn it, why did I have to stop at the stop light, I can't restart, hold up mr. car, I have to walk across, okay I'm running, I love running, I hate running, this drink sucks, why do the mountain bikers look so happy and I just want to scream, I wish I could have time for a massage, I should swim tomorrow, why is this so difficult, okay 1 mile left, let's see what's in the tank, I got this, I'm done, I can do Mooseman..."

And the legs are done
In summary, although my emotions and thoughts were that of a schizophrenic, I think all in all, I needed this crazy week to put me in check for Mooseman....Okay you little mountain at 4.5% incline for 3.5 miles twice....(gulp) I'm ready to show you who's boss...


  1. Girl. I can totally relate. And drinking and blogging rocks. :)

  2. Totally understand. I go through those same emotions on nearly 50% of my weekend rides, but somehow, it always works out. Shower beers rock :)

  3. this is what I read: LOTS OH LOTS OF CLIMBING! ouch.

  4. That is a LOT of climbing!!! OUCH.

    I love your thoughts going through your head when running, mine are about the same!


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