Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life Happens and You Move On

Life can get crazy, sometimes at the most in-opportune moments, but you have to embrace it, prioritize and move on.  Last week was one of those weeks, it actually started off pretty fabulous with Mike's birthday and going to the Hulmeville Inn for an awesome selection of craft beers including taps of Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin
You can never be too metal to rock the Bieb shirt

All that was the precursor for his surgery (blamed on a chicken bone):
Humor goes a long way :)
Then came the massive amounts of stress due to everything going on that week - work crisis, best friend's wedding and HIM training (low man on the totem pole).  I got in a whopping 3 hours of actual physical activity.  Thankfully, it was a recovery week although I am thinking the stress may have made my heart rate a match to a brick workout in Zone 4....

Although I missed my top guy at the wedding while he was recouping (sorry baby), I had a fabulous time at the wedding with the girls and watched a very beautiful bride and her beau of 20 years finally tie the knot (and yes, my matron of honor toast addressed the infinitely long time of being boyfriend/girlfriend):

Moving on....this week and next week will be my biggest training weeks in prep for Mooseman!  I can't believe it is around the corner but I need to "compartmentalize" (a concept stolen from Beth) and hold my head and get 'er done.  I cleaned my office from the mayhem of work recently, only to resume full force on two more projects but with enough breather space to be a good wife/nurse, cook lots of energizing meals and get in my training.

Monday consisted of the normal "rest day" which was driving to a presentation for a project I live, slept and breathed for about a year.....and getting my food list down for the week.

Tuesday I kicked it off with work in the early morning and went swimming at lunch in a 3000 meter swim which was a lot of fun!  (Note:  I never used to associate swim and fun)

Swim Workout (Tuesday):
w/u - 300 swim, 200 k, 100 swim, 200 kick
Main set:
4x250 (100 mod/50 fast/100mod)
4x150 (50 m/50 f/50 m)
4x100 (25 m/50 f/25 m)
c/d - 200 swim

That evening it was trainer and catching up on a couple episodes of Smash and New Girl
2 hours with 2x30 min tempo (that was mind numbing on a trainer)

Wednesday morning was another early work day followed by 10am 2600m swim.  Lucky for me I bought some new goggle - Blue Seventy Nero Race Goggles... (bit of motivation)

Swim Workout (Wednesday):
w/u 200sw, 4x50 moderate/fast, 4x5 build
Main Set:
4x200 (race pace +:15)
4x100 (race pace +:15) swimming each 100 2-5 sec faster than race pace
c/d - 600 (100 sw/ 100 kick) + 100 swim

After work I still needed to do a hill repeat run for 5 miles and still had to be ready to make dinner for parents and Mike before my mom/dad/sis all go to New Orleans to see my brother at his new farm for 10 days (FOMO) and to meet MissFancyPants the lamb, in person (yes, my brother named a lamb after me read their post here on HighTail Farms).
Meet Fancy (aka Missfancypants the lamb!!)
I digress, so what do you do when you don't have hills but have an overpass around the corner?
1 mile at 9:30
1 mile at 8:58
2 miles of overpass (8x) at 8:40
1 mile (1/2 mile to CVS to pick up mother's day card and 1/2 mile to run home with cards) at 9:40

And now for Thursday -report for work, 2 hour brick and TRX!  Friday should be mellow with just a bike and swim, BUT the real test, the "am I prepared for Mooseman?" will be the 73 mile ride on Saturday that includes climbing in addition to an 8 mile "intense" climb.  But I will be with Yasi and friends sharing the grunting and bitching...Sunday, the "can I still take more" workout of  13 mile run and 3000 m swim.....

With that I bid you good morning and have a wonderful rest of the week filled with oatmeal and puppy dogs :)

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