Monday, April 26, 2010

T - 20 Week Countdown to Half-Ironman

20 Weeks to September 12th!!

Last week was a bit of a bust, with missing the Rutger's Unite Half Marathon due to back issues. But it has been getting better and since I was able to run 7.5 miles on Sunday - I think I will be good for Broad Street Run this Sunday!!

So now begins the 20 week plan. I got the plan from the Triathlete Magazine - Essential Week by Week Training Guide - by recommendation from Carol at Triathlon Training Blog (who by the way has a great blog). I am doing the HIM Level 6 plan.

...Here is the week 1 plan...

Monday - Off - yeah!
Tuesday - Swim (1700m - form workout) and Bike Power Intervals 1:10
Wednesday - Yoga (1 hr) and Run - 40 minute with 6x30s at Z5+
Thursday - Brick - 45/15 (Z2) and Strength Training (45 min)
Friday - Swim (2300 meters - Intervals) and Bike 1 hour Z2
Saturday - Bike - 1 hour 45 with a 30 min run both in Z2
Sunday - Broad Street 10 mile Run - (I am going to treat this like a long run - maybe stay within Z3)

So I spoke to my nutritionist and here were the comments for this upcoming week based on my training - I am going to try it and let you know how I do!!

Mon – Low carb, 5 meals, Protein/veggies ( you can include healthy fats )

Tues – I would still go with 3 protein/low glycemic carb meals / no carbs at night b/c you are just doing YOGA in the morning

Wed – Because you are running in the later part of the day.. first 3 meals, carbs / protein/limit fats ... 1 fruit post workout w/ protein but last meal no carbs

Thurs – All meals, protein / carbs / low fats for tomorrow 2 hour workout

Fri –Repeat diet from Thurs .. except at last two meals increase carbs by 15 gm for 10 mile race..

Sat – Repeat diet from Fri .. except at last two meals increase carbs by 15 gm for 10 mile race..

Sun –include electrolyte replacement, pedialyte ( lite ) I don't like the heavy sugar ones

But.. again.. the fuel from the previous days will be enough.. and we can deal w some pre workout low glycemic carbs.

I will keep you posted on any new recipes or tips I have on nutrition for the week!!

But I am too excited, I must share my latest purchase to celebrate the start of the tri season....

Sam Edelman - Kasi

HAHA! You thought I was going to say something to do with Triathlons...but these are just as wonderful....

However, I am keeping the shopping down as I have my eye on the prize - just waiting on some $$ from the IRS!!

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