Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Is Here!

Be gone winter! That is the spell I cast as I was flighing from Rome to Philadelphia airport and miraculously I came home to 70+ degree weather!! Hmmm... guess my spells I learned from watching Charmed episodes worked...(just kidding...).

So what do we East Coasters do when the snow screws up your training...

1. We drink wonderful beers like Mad Elf and Allagash Curviex while watching football with family and friends and puppies!

2. Spend a tremendous amount of doing Spinervals on the indoor trainer with Christine.

3. Go to Atlantic City to see Jim Norton at the Borgata with your best buds and hubby.

4. Go to your husband's band - Beyond Dishonor and get knocked the f* out by a stupid kid

......the day before your 17th high school reunion

5. Create the most fabulous running mixes while still trying to get some long runs on the canal and park which has now become a lake.

Best of Running Mix - 1.2 hours
  1. Walking on Air ....Kerli
  2. Treason.................Velvet Chain
  3. Too Drunk to F**k..Dead Kennedys
  4. Sugarhigh.....Coyote Shivers
  5. She's my Ex....All
  6. She....Green Day
  7. Rich Girls....The Virgins
  8. Punk Rock Girl...The Dead Milkmen
  9. Party at Ground Zero...Fishbone
  10. The Number of the Beast...Iron Maiden
  11. Mr. Integrity....L7
  12. A Little Bit More....Jamie Lidell
  13. Kickstart My Heart...Motley Crue
  14. I'm Not a Punk....Descendents
  15. I'm Not a Loser....Descendents
  16. Hit....The Sugarcubes
  17. Don't Know How to Party...Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  18. Cupid De Locke....Smashing Pumpkins
  19. Chump...Green Day
  20. Christie Road...Green Day
  21. Breaking the Law ....Judas Priest
  22. Aces High...Iron Maiden

At first I stressed out about not having enough time to even get in a run; however in the end I realized that I wasn't sitting on my ass - my feet did plenty of walking, ate my share of protein and carbs and I drank plenty of anti-oxidants.

Where else can you get thongs from a vending machine.

That being said I had a great rest of the week with training once I was home. I did 6 mile hill run with 9:30 min miles in some wind, a 2000 meter swim workout (Swim Workouts in a Binder - Endurance Form 4 with some alterations), hour bike at 95 cadence and Z2, and today a tempo run with 8:20 min/miles! Now for my long run and long ride this weekend - in 80degree weather!

Welcome Back Spring!! I missed you but had a pretty fantastic Winter!

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