Saturday, October 18, 2014

Princeton 70.3 Race Report

This is a little overdue but nevertheless, it needs to be written.  I failed to give any update through July, August and September- so here's a short recap...

I trained with friends...
Running at the canal

My other "training" half

I raced...

TT girls at NJ State Olympic
Big kiss to Sofie for coming out to watch mommy

Feeling strong
Our little family

Sofie turned one...

and I enjoyed being a mom...check my updated Minifancypants for an update on the Sofinator - I swear I will update it next (that one requires a little more :) )

So fast forward to September 15th, my 39th birthday....

yup - I am moving on next year to the next age group....
 Sofie got sick a couple days before my bday with a double ear infection, I got sick and we were both feeling crappy the entire week leading up to the race.  I was not even well enough to get in ANY training sooo I rested as much as a mom with a "running" toddler can.  I was getting worried as Friday approached and wasn't feeling much better...I not only was sick but went from weaning Sofie off of nursing to full on nursing again because she would just throw up regular milk because it was too thick for her with all the mucous.  Mike was away in Europe for work so I was fortunate to have my mom, sister and dad taking good care of me and Sofie.

Given all these factors, I probably should have been eating more, taking in electrolytes more than what I was doing, thinking more about the race and the fact that the weather that was going to be very warm, and all those things, but I didn't I just more or less tried to stay a float with baby, life stuff, and race in that order.

Saturday was race pick up - which was great!  It got me more in the mood, sickness be gone...

I took another Advil cold/sinus Sat night, went to bed when Sofie went to sleep at 8pm.  And for the first time in FOREVER, I fell asleep, no race day jitters, nothing just blissful sleep.

Just as a heads up, I did minimalist training and I felt good, I had a couple good long runs, swims were swims and the bikes were really good, I rode the course several times and felt pretty confident.

Race day morning - my sister and I headed out the door - she was volunteering for handing out medals, very exciting. 
Ready to Party

My swim wave was 3rd from last, so I knew I would have some work to do on the back end but lots of time for paparazzi shots.
Our new training friend, Katie!!

Swim 1.2 miles 49:02

Warm up swimming out to the start
For me this was better than any of my races, but I feel like I also know that I can work alot harder in the water.  I wore a sleeveless wetsuit - but little did I know I would be sweating a little and probably a little calorie deprived by the time I got to the bike.  The swim is similar to NJ State just a little longer.  The 200 m swim to the start was a good warm up and I really had no real anxiety like I usually do.  The swim was pretty uneventful, a little brutal at times with some pushing and kicking but all in all ok.  I thought I saw Lisa once while breathing (she was the wave after me) - it was confirmed when I saw her on the bike.

Bike 56 miles 58-59 miles....3:28:00

Heading out from transition
The bike was measured wrong by about 3 miles.  So we were all a little faster than what it shows.  Anyway, I felt really good.  I knew Lisa was up ahead by a couple minutes on the swim, so I motored to see if I could catch her.  Right before that I hit a very nice pothole and lost 2 bars, 2 gels which meant I was left with a couple gels and some chomps, not very much for the mileage.    After I caught up to Lisa and catching up for a quick convo I was feeling pretty good and then caught up with Nicole on the side of the road.  Poor girl had a chain issue and couldn't get it resolved.  At that point I felt great for the rest of the ride, I got to see my friend Katie who volunteered.  At the end of the ride  I could tell that I was missing some electrolytes, I started feeling cramping as I pulled in to transition across my shoulders, my calves, etc.

Run 13.1 miles ....2:49:19 (WORST DEATH MARCH EVER)
I took a quick potty break before I set out on the run, but was pretty worried.  I was cramping up in places I never had before lower and upper body.  As I started running my quads cramped up to the point of stopping, someone stopped by and gave me some salt tabs, I took them at the first water stop and started moving a little better, but by that point it was too late, I was really low on electrolytes.  It started getting hot, so that didn't help.  All I thought was that I went through labor for much longer at home and without drugs so figured this wasn't really much...I was determined - if I walked I walked, I had a good swim and a great ride, so part 3 would suck.  The volunteers, the Team Triumph people on the run course truly helped me get through it.  By the time I got to mile 7, it was bad again, at the point were I was running about a min and walking and I saw so many doing the same!!

Somewhere on the loop when I actually ran

 Anyway, as I neared up that last mile, all I could think was I can't wait to see Sofie, I hope she's there, I hope she's there.  I hope my sister gives me a medal and where is my mom and dad and friends.  I was a complete cramp but I ran up to Sofie, gave her a big kiss in the shoot and booked it in like I actually ran this race....hahaha...
Giving my kiss to Sofie before the finish line - Dad taking a photo
Theresa following me into the finish...

The cool part was seeing everyone that came out.

So miss big shot thought I could go out after the race, turns out hanging at home with leftovers and family and some friends was just about perfect and all I could handle.

The funny part on all this is that Lisa and I were pretty well trained and had our race pretty well mapped out, when I fell apart on the run, I was sure she would catch me since she is a better runner, but she didn't so I knew something was up.  Sure enough a couple minutes later she came in after me, and we finished with race times very close to each other...

Bottom line is you can train and do your best, but sometimes factors happen that you can't control.  My thought, I need a do-over, and I really liked the whole possible in can't beat a race that you can role out of bed and get there in 15 min.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Sort of Race Report and Training Update

The cobwebs were brushed off... officially.  BTW - I'm a little late with the race report...

Lessons learned from the first race - NJ Genesis Triathlon - I need to swim, bike and run, in combination...
The last race I did was September 2012 a couple months before I found out I was pregnant with Miss Sofie B, and it was one of those "I went out with a bang - good race." 

This race wasn't a fast race by any stretch, after coming off of an ankle sprain and barely running, going on vacation and barely training for two weeks before - I apparently forgot how stressful it was to swim next to a hundred good female friends in a cold lake.  I had to bike my ass off because it was going to be my only saving grace to make myself NOT last.  I also remember how hard it is to bring up the rear of a swim and try to get yourself in a remotely decent spot on the bike knowing that you are going to blow up on the run..

It hurt, but it was a good hurt.  Going from finally running mid-8minute miles in an Olympic distance to an 11 minute mile is not a fun feeling, as well as watching people pass you when you know what you used to do - it wasn't particularly encouraging. 

HOWEVER, going from not doing any triathlons for almost 2 years, carrying a baby for 9 months, and this 9 months post-partum, I feel like it is one of my biggest accomplishments. 
All in all, it was a beautiful day, a really flat race, wonderful race support, and I was around friends with my sister cheering me on. 

I know that this race was done with minimal training.  I am adjusting my plan to make sure I get in my key workouts for NJ State Olympic and Princeton 70.3.  Having a child is definitely hard with training however, it's about figuring out priorities with scheduling, which means waking up very early or doing it after she goes to bed at night.  Sofie has been my training partner for some runs in the stroller or my mom takes her on long walks while I run and now Sofie is going to the gym with me for some swims and being watched at the kids area at the gym. 
Sofie started swim lessons at the gym!!
too cute not to post - her new bike - just like mommy's
Daddy and Sofie have quality time together on Sat morning for me to get in my longer rides with my friends - which is such a nice time away from everything - much needed.
Last rides with Yasi before she takes off...sad face

you never know what you will find on a ride - the new Amazon fulfillment center.

And of course I have wonderful parents, sister and in-laws that babysit when I work and I can take advantage of lunch time workouts.  I have come to really enjoy my workouts instead of just "get 'er done" attitude it used to be, probably because this is my "me-time" and nice way to get out the stress and sweat.  Sometimes I just can't get in the workout number two and that's ok...I think my "mommy military" training of carrying a 20+ lb baby either in the running stroller or strapped to me in addition to sleep deprivation training must count for something?  I know my arms are starting to look buff even though I have barely lifted a weight recently...even though I still have a little way to being at race weight...just takes some time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What They Don't Tell You - Running Post-Pregnancy

About 12 weeks ago I sprained my ankle, again, side-lining me from my indoor field hockey season and training for a half-marathon I signed up for end of March.  It sucked, more so because I was getting back in shape and being motivated and then it sucked that the weather was horrible for NJ, the never-ending winter of 2014...The difference between spraining it before and now, was that with a new baby that is crawling, there is no putting your feet up, I mean I didn't do that before but this was magnified by carrying around another 18 lbs (the baby not me).  It was taking a long time to heal.

About a month ago, I tried to start running again over a weekend.
I was so excited about running and starting training but knew physically this was hurting still.  I mean how long did this need.

My friend/podiatrist told me I need some physical therapy and sent me to this great place.
They hit it spot hips.  After having a baby, your body goes through some changes (just a little right).  Apparently, my hips were out of whack which caused bad running form, thus causing my already high mobility and weak ankles to twist more easily.  In order to fix the ankle, the hips need to be fixed.

It makes sense, the PT guy says similarly in people with bad knees, running post-pregnancy can cause knee pain.  BOTTOM LINE - WOMEN SHOULD BE DOING HIP WORK/BALANCING/CORE WORK POST-PREGNANCY BEFORE OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH RUNNING.

WHY doesn't any internet site go over this?  Why do they tell us all the things to do to prepare to have a baby - do yoga, do strength work, etc but they don't tell us what to do once we have this cute little baby that basically causes a little havic to our body. 

Anyway, I thought it was interesting, my friend said it sounds like you are going back to basics.  It reminded me of those exercises we used to do in the 90's to Buns of Steel....haha, yeah I did that.

As I go into my fourth week of PT and will be starting to run hopefully this week, we have moved into more exercises focusing on one leg, balancing on spongy surfaces, balance beam, hip flexor exercises with resistance bands, one leg squat by picking up items in multiple plains, lunges in multiple plains.  I love it! 

In fact this last week, I was back on the bike (TWICE) thanks to the awesome weather.  I am getting in a couple more weeks of some base training and fun workouts before the work begins for another 20 week half ironman plan!!  So excited!  Now if I can only start swimming again regularly.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Plans, Races and Recipes

So I had a kid, a pretty awesome may have seen her plastered over Facebook, Instagram and MiniFancyPants (yes, she has her own blog).  I had full intentions of posting all these great posts...but baby, work, life got in the way.
Somewhat recent February - Sofie - 6 month shot
I started running with her about 6 weeks post-baby, once I got the official clearance.  I truly think the running, walking, strength training and lots of yoga while pregnant helped me have a faster recovery process after Sofie was born.

About 4 weeks post-baby - lots of fast walking at the park

6 weeks post-baby - I can still run (sort of)
I did a 10K in November, just 11 weeks post-baby.  I think I made it through about 4 miles before I did 2 small water walk breaks about a minute each.  Definitely slower than my time last year, but I was very happy to be back.

New mommy run club?

Got milk? Doesn't everyone run with a breast pump?

I was on a relatively good track, running-wise, keeping to a 4 mile runs and strength training and spinning. I signed up for the Love 1/2 Marathon in March...

I got super excited because as I was deciding which 1/2 Ironman to do, low and behold, the WTC decides they will do the Princeton 1/2 Ironman.   So I signed up for that, knowing that I have swam, rode and ran the course many times from both the NJ State Tri and just in general my riding and running routes.

So that happened, then after getting ourselves ready for a 1/2 Marathon plan of long runs with friends and babies...
Running with Sofie in the Bob Stroller - a little hard in the wind...or in general

and numerous Snow Apocolopse that have been happening in NJ, we couldn't take the dreadmill for another day and decided to go outside and be super careful....and I was, until, my clutzy ass falls on a rock and sprains an ankle.

So, as I type I am just finally at almost healed on this damn ankle,(almost 6 weeks) which does not help at all in the motivation department.  Knowing there is no chance in hell I will be running the 1/2 marathon in two weeks.  Super Sad Face. 

During that "time off" the baby has kept me feeling like I ran a marathon daily because she is always on the go...(may have been my fault with keeping so active being pregnant - the Sofinator does not stop!)

So here is the new schedule, I figure if I write it, it will happen...

Redbank Sprint 5/18

ODDyssey Half Marathon 6/8 - MAYBE

NJ State Olmpic (Wait List) 7/20

Princeton 1/2 Ironman 9/21

It's short and sweet, but with the baby, I don't know if I want to over-extend myself this year. 

I leave you with two of my favorite new green salads that are helping me get back to pre-baby weight!

Grilled and Green Quinoa Salad

2 cups water
1 cup quinoa
1/2 jar capers
1/2 can of artichokes in water (Trader Joe's)
1/2 can green olives (Trader Joe's)
1/4 cup of fresh flat leaf parsley
2 cups baby spinach
2 grilled chicken breasts
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

Rinse quinoa and add to water in pot.  Bring to a boil and reduce to low for about 20 minutes covered.  Grill chicken breast pieces (or use leftovers).  Make the salad with the rest of ingredients.
Add balsamic and olive oil to liking - I use about 2 swirls of each :)  Add drained quinoa and eat.

Warmed Super Green Salad

1 cup Tuscan Kale chopped
1 cup Swiss Chard chopped
1 chopped hard boiled egg
5 cherry tomatoes
1/3 chopped cucumber
1/4 cup of chopped/shredded carrots
1/4 chopped bell pepper
1/4 cup of goat cheese
1/4 cup of chickpeas or kidney beans
Balsamic and olive oil

Equal parts in large bowl chopped Tuscan Kale and chopped Rainbow Chard (with stems) - I use the Trader Joe's cleaned in a bag super easy for the busy working mommy or anyone.  Add remaining ingredients.  Microwave for 45 seconds and add dressing of choice (balsamic and olive oil).

Now I can get back to training!
And still able to spend time with the hubby and drink some good beers...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's Been Happening in Training, Food and Beer?

I feel like there has been so much going on but I don't want to bore you to tears with my pregnancy journal - that's on minifancypants blog.

I have been feeling a loss about posting to this blog and instead have been reporting on MiniFancyPants on my preg journey.  But then I got to thinking the purpose of this blog - what was going on in beer, training, food and life.  So here are some highlights...

Broken Goblet - the little brewery will be finally coming to fruition by September - Broken Goblet will include  a tasting room with growler filling and distributing kegs to bars- all of this is very exciting and Mike and the three guys (Jay, Bub and Joe) that have been working their asses off in getting this off the ground....As you may remember I have posted about Brewtal Beer in past posts (3 part post at the end of 2011 that you can read here) but since a trademarking battle that has turned into the name of Broken Goblet.

As for the club, the name Brewtal will be kept.  The Brewtal Beer Club is a monthly meeting that has now been running for over a year successfully. The club occurs the last Friday of every month in Bristol, PA at a new location Business Casual Coworking (an incredibly cool co-working space) which is also now the home tasting room for Broken Goblet!

So you want to try the beer to get a sense of what it's about??  If you are somewhat local Broken Goblet will have a booth at the Yardley Beer Festival this weekend!  Last year, we kicked kegs left and right and had a great turnout.

Also if you come to a club meeting, Brewtal beer club ($15 for a great night of beer tasting, food and mingling) they sometimes test out some new recipes with members!!  This month will be May 31 - Shmoozin', Boozin' & Fondu-zin'.

In other beer news, I promise a summer beer list in one of the next posts based on my Broken Goblet/Brewtal family.

Okay, so my training had to take a back seat.  I had posted way back that I would be swimming like Dara Torres come delivery but I think I swam once so far in the pregnancy.  What I have been doing is running, biking and lots of yoga and strength training, to keep myself healthy and ready for delivery.  I did recently do an 8k at 5.5 months pregnant  with my best friend and running partner Christine who is due 5 weeks after me!  We didn't plan

at 5.5 months...belly has grown significantly since then...

but now going into my third trimester, it is becoming a little more difficult to maintain a steady pace without the frequent walk pee breaks.
Still see my feet!

After some wogging (a cross between jogging and some walking) and smoothieing with Yasi and some tweeting among the four of us, Yasi,  Anabel and Katie, I am going to start thinking of my comeback race.  I got a little jealous of their training weekend in So Cal.  I decided on a half-ironman for 2014 sometime between May and September.  I loved Vineman but if Rev3 does Portland again, I may have to change it up.  Or just do something local.  I am still looking to do a 10K in November to get myself back and then start base training from there.  Throwing in a half-marathon sometime in March/April.  More to come there.

I did buy the new Brooks Pure Cadence and the jury is still out.  I wanted to write a review but they aren't making me feel the same love as the last model...I don't know if it is my running gait at now 7 months pregnant or if it is the shoes so I figure I will see how they work post-pregnancy.

 So my food posts were lacking, not because I am not eating healthy, I try most times...

(ok there has been a bit more ice cream, fro yo and gelati's from Rita's), but because when you have no kitchen it's really hard to really get in there and cook over the spackel dust....hence the previous pictures and paper plates.  Kitchen remodeling started in February and should be finished in the next couple weeks...should be....It will be great when done! 

Above shows the old cabinets and the new cabinets are below -- can't wait till done!
However, the farmer market is opens today in Princeton and am so excited to see what that will bring!

And lastly, just some recent pics of what's been happening!

Getting in some lovely outside prenatal yoga

My cousin Vanessa is getting married (in white dress)

Mya turned 1 - so a good reason for the paparazzi to come out..

My prego partner in crime!

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