Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Sort of Race Report and Training Update

The cobwebs were brushed off... officially.  BTW - I'm a little late with the race report...

Lessons learned from the first race - NJ Genesis Triathlon - I need to swim, bike and run, in combination...
The last race I did was September 2012 a couple months before I found out I was pregnant with Miss Sofie B, and it was one of those "I went out with a bang - good race." 

This race wasn't a fast race by any stretch, after coming off of an ankle sprain and barely running, going on vacation and barely training for two weeks before - I apparently forgot how stressful it was to swim next to a hundred good female friends in a cold lake.  I had to bike my ass off because it was going to be my only saving grace to make myself NOT last.  I also remember how hard it is to bring up the rear of a swim and try to get yourself in a remotely decent spot on the bike knowing that you are going to blow up on the run..

It hurt, but it was a good hurt.  Going from finally running mid-8minute miles in an Olympic distance to an 11 minute mile is not a fun feeling, as well as watching people pass you when you know what you used to do - it wasn't particularly encouraging. 

HOWEVER, going from not doing any triathlons for almost 2 years, carrying a baby for 9 months, and this 9 months post-partum, I feel like it is one of my biggest accomplishments. 
All in all, it was a beautiful day, a really flat race, wonderful race support, and I was around friends with my sister cheering me on. 

I know that this race was done with minimal training.  I am adjusting my plan to make sure I get in my key workouts for NJ State Olympic and Princeton 70.3.  Having a child is definitely hard with training however, it's about figuring out priorities with scheduling, which means waking up very early or doing it after she goes to bed at night.  Sofie has been my training partner for some runs in the stroller or my mom takes her on long walks while I run and now Sofie is going to the gym with me for some swims and being watched at the kids area at the gym. 
Sofie started swim lessons at the gym!!
too cute not to post - her new bike - just like mommy's
Daddy and Sofie have quality time together on Sat morning for me to get in my longer rides with my friends - which is such a nice time away from everything - much needed.
Last rides with Yasi before she takes off...sad face

you never know what you will find on a ride - the new Amazon fulfillment center.

And of course I have wonderful parents, sister and in-laws that babysit when I work and I can take advantage of lunch time workouts.  I have come to really enjoy my workouts instead of just "get 'er done" attitude it used to be, probably because this is my "me-time" and nice way to get out the stress and sweat.  Sometimes I just can't get in the workout number two and that's ok...I think my "mommy military" training of carrying a 20+ lb baby either in the running stroller or strapped to me in addition to sleep deprivation training must count for something?  I know my arms are starting to look buff even though I have barely lifted a weight recently...even though I still have a little way to being at race weight...just takes some time.

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