Sunday, September 25, 2011

Now Where Was I.....

Mentally and physically I am feeling so much better.  I went through a bit of a slump where I was lacking in endorphins which equated to a GRUMPY HEATHER....The fact that I couldn't exercise led me to the obvious decision to eat whatever I want and drink a lot, duh!  I do have to say it's been fun...

There was the spectating at my favorite Marlton Lakes Sprint Tri while watching four of my friends and two of which trained all summer and did their first tri - GO HGRC! 
My sister and I made signs

Theresa, Marissa (new triathlete), Christine, Nicole, Tiffany (new triathlete), myself and David
 ....followed by the beerathlon, where the HGRC may not have reclaimed their title but showed many boys that we are able to move from position 4 out of 8 teams to position 2 by the mere skill of out-drinking and flipping cups.
Erica (Queen of Jenga), Me (The Pong Master) and Christine (Ninja champion - yup an Asian stereotype)
Our Chant before the finals - Flip Cup (sporting our new HGRC shirts - Metal Chicks Tri Harder)

...celebrated my birthday weekend(s) with Mexican and beer at the Hulmeville Inn...

Celebrating my birthday with my friends: Firestone Walker, Russian River and Wyerbacher

 ...dinner with my family and friends...

Yes, I turned 36....
Happy Fucking Birthday....pretty much sums it up!

Hanging with my girls!

And my awesome family!

...and yes, more beer at the US NJ Battleship where we combined mixing history with being incredibly drunk and befriending every beer rep and local there.


My partners in crime for the day....
A handy necklace for holding your beer....those Oskar Blues peeps are so smart, I mean the cans you can even ummm... put candles in them...oops..
Drinking our favorite Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin - I think we drank a pitcher of it...we may have made a nuisance of ourselves
Enough said...

So enough of the montage of what I did while I recovered from my bike accident....

While there was a good amount of healthy eating, the quantity and lack of good decisions to eat healthy while drinking and extra empty calories (e.g. beer) far outweighed the amount of good healthy eating.  The lack of calories being burned didn't help...My bad eating is really not terribly bad it is more just comfort foods like lots of pasta, bread, pretzels pizza, etc.

So I found a workout in an old Muscle and Fitness for Hers about two weeks ago while cleaning, and vowed to include strength training 4 days a week and do some sort of cardio (spinning) 6 days a week while attempting to start running.  I'm in my second week of the workouts, started running again without hurting (little tightness in the chest) and got my bike back all fixed up!

Last week I started my detox - see here for my specs on the detox.  Mike decided to jump on the bandwagon and my birthday present arrived just in time...


 YES, he is the best husband in the world!

We have used it every day for yummy shakes and soups.

So as it is almost the close of a full week - A VERY PRODUCTIVE WEEK
   6 days of working out
+ 4 runs = 14.5 miles (I can run without complete pain)
+ 3 spinning rides on the trainer (my bike is fixed!)
+ 4 intense strength training including 1 day of plyometrics
+ 2 yoga classes (vinyasa and power)
+ 6 days of detox
+ 1 five-gallon robust porter in it's first fermentation (POST TO COME!!!)

5 lbs lighter!!

So as I continue this detox (I am adding back in some alcohol (LIMITED) and caffeine....

I leave you in good spirits and a HAPPY HEATHER!
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