Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Obsessions -Volume 1: Fashion in Triathlon Training

If you have been reading my blog you know I am obsessed with fashion, triathlons, food, beer and music. You also know I like sequels as seen with past blog posts.

So here is Part 1 - Fashion in Triathlon Training

It is a fine line we draw with looking cute and disgusting at the same time. I also direct you to Heidi Austin's latest blog post with her "Girly's Guide to Triathlon Training" for health and beauty tips :)

My style tends to be rocker meets feminine in real clothes (although I was recently told I was channeling Debbie or Deborah Gibson last time I was out...)
so to try to find that same style training is difficult at times. Here are some of my more recent purchases over the past couple months that have met the criteria.

1. Betty Designs Dream Bike Kit - BettyDesigns

I mean how cute, I mean kick-ass is this. I am obsessed with skulls, the detail of the design is great - my favorite part is the band of skulls on one side and the butterflies on the other.

Besides the fact that this LOOKS awesome, it is very functional and comfortable. The shirt fits nice, I got a small and I feel like I have man-back sometimes from swimming but this fit very nice. I don't have much in the bosom department so this fit good on me. But contact Kristen at Betty Designs, I was able to ask questions and figure out fit from there.

I hate bike pants and that elastic band at the waist that cuts into you when riding, this has more of a yoga pants fit, the back has a higher rise then the front which means no ass crack sticking out. The leg fit is great and I have bigger thighs (ummm muscular) that usually means the band makes me look like someone put a rubber band or wrapped up some sausage links, but NO sausage links here!! Not to say they aren't tight enough to be good for my skinny thigh friends but great fit for us muscular thigh girls.

This is also the first time I owned a pair of actual bike shorts instead of only tri-shorts which means my lower body has been thanking me profusely.

2. TYR Rockstar Thin-X Back Bathing Suit AND TYR Swim Punk Reversible cap - TeamEstrogen

I love the comfort of the TYR bathing suit and this has the comfortable X back and kind of sexy in a one piece way....I recently embraced the one-piece and actually have had a more comfortable swim than the two-piece.

The swim cap is reversible - enough said...

3. 2010 Quintana Roo Dulce in pink camo - I got mine in 2010 so this is the new model link QuintanaRoo

I even blinged it out with my betty design water bottle that I won (I never win anything!!) on Chloe's blog - Running with a Bottle of Wine.

This bike has been awesome! It feels incredibly light compared to my road bike. I want to take it out every day. As much as I love the pink and black seat, I am replacing it with a gel seat from Specialized, that has been the only issue thus far and my husband upgraded my wheels. The wheels were pretty crappy that came with the bike.

4. Lululemon Turbo Run Short, 50 Rep Bra and Cool Racerback - Lululemon

I am still a fan of the speed short, but I like the length of these - just slightly longer than the ultra so more ass coverage. I am a bit addicted to anything by lululemon and have basically replaced a lot of training clothes with theirs. The quality is top notch and lasts! I just wish they made tri clothes (are you listening lululemon???)

That's all for now...stay tuned for Volume 2 - Easy Clean Recipes and Lastly, the 3rd installment of ...wait for it...Volume 3 - Spring/Summer Beer List (I know that is what you are waiting for...)


  1. thanx for the shout out :) i feel like we have all the same workout clothes....although i haven't splurged quite yet on the betty top... but i have the same lululemon outfit with the black shorts :)

  2. Wow, I love all those clothes! Especially the bike shorts and the bathing suit--awesome!! I'm jealous of your bike!:) I've been drooling over tri bikes lately, but I just can't bear to spend the money and part with my road bike right now. Some day, though:).

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I like your matching tri outfit and cute lulu stuff! I can't wait to see your spring/summer beer list!!

  4. you have to sign up for IM TEXAS! i think the competition will be freaking intense but it looks super like flat good roads and a nice course... i'm pretty sure i'm in. I just HATE deciding these things so far in advance!

  5. Betty Designs kicks butt! :) And that TYR suit is awesome! hum... off to look for it!

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