Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Post - My First Marathon - Part 1: The Training

Hey everyone, I am a little low on blogging material regarding training, unless you want to read about my pregnancy (MiniFancyPants) or how I went to the gym and I did the spin bike for 45 minutes to a cool mix while playing on my iPhone this week, I decided to get my friend Lisa Campisi (@campisister) who is running her FIRST marathon - The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, to write a post!
I met Lisa through Team Triumph, our tri team.  Towards the end of the Bridge Run 10k we ended up running together and realized we ran a similar pace, go figure, right when I go and get myself knocked up (joking), but she says she may run the 8K that I still plan to do at Rutgers next month!

Here is Part 1 to Lisa's post on the training for her first Marathon this weekend!  She promised a race report when she is done.


For me… I never thought I would run a marathon.  I hated and still at time hate running.  So, you may be asking…why are you running a marathon?   This is a question that I have constantly been asking my self through out this training process.  Well, the simple answer is, I want to do an Ironman, next year.  My coach who has complete several Ironmen told me it is best to run a marathon before you do an Ironman.  So here I am training for my first marathon. 

The training hasn’t been too bad to be honest, but you should know that I am not going out to win it.  I am running to finish.  That is always my plan whenever I do anything new.  Another part that you need to know is that I was injured for a long time and running really hurt, literally hurt every time I ran.  I have gone through Physical Therapy and had to relearn how to run, plus build strength in my hips, which took away my IT band pain.  I am finally healthy and strong enough to train for a marathon. 

Besides the fact that my pain I had every time I ran went away, my training was not too bad.  This was mainly because I have a ton of support from my friends and family.  This support came through all kinds of avenues, not just though posts and my coworker saying “way to go,” but friends that went out on run after run with me through the crazy winter weather we have had…the wind, rain, snow, ice and changing temperature.  The snow and ice seemed to always show-up when I had one of my really long runs to do. 
Some of my supportive friends at the end of my long runs.
One thing that really put a cramp into my training was I got sick.  UGH!  I thought I was going to be able to fight through it, but No.  The Thursday after my 18-mile run was the day I got sick and it last for an entire week.  I missed a several workouts including a long run.  I ended up at the Doctors office and on antibiotics.  I finally finished the antibiotics the day before my longest run (20-miles).  And of course it was suppose to rain on that day.  Turns out that day it was just misting, so I was able to get the run in.  Boy was it a hard run!  I fought through and made it the 20-miles.  

After the 20-mile run, I was excited to finally taper!  I felt good and ready for the marathon.  But the way things go in my life it is never that easy.  I got a blister in the middle of the arch of my left foot.  Ouch!  It hurt no matter what shoes I had on.  This injury put me into the pool to do a lot of water running, so I didn’t fall behind in my training. 
My blister after one of my long runs. Ouch!

Now that I am exactly one week out, I am finally healthy and had a great last long run, yesterday.  I am feeling good about my marathon.  A little nervous, but good!  Bring on my marathon!

To Be Continued…

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  1. Thanks Heather for giving me this opportunity! :)


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