Monday, January 23, 2012

The Word of the Year - FOCUS

This past week and half has been awesome on the training and life front.  I started my 20 week plan for the HIM, I bumped it up a couple levels, and I had to incorporate my two half-marathons in so it has been a little harder than normal.  This isn't always fun in the winter months in NJ but the weather has been okay with the exception of this weekend and my indoor workouts.

This is just a snapshot of Week 1.

Week 1 started about 5 days earlier when I got back from Iowa for work and was able to get focused.  That is also a big part of the New Years Resolution - BEING FOCUSED, in work, nutrition, training and play.  I have felt all over the place last year.

Usually, I am flying solo in some of these workouts with a handful with friends.  I started indoor field hockey two weeks ago (every Sunday) and figured this would have to be one of my "track" or "speed" workouts.  I also had to revise my calendar so that a long run and swim falls on a Saturday and a long ride comes after my game on Sun.  As much as I wanted to put a long run in the middle of the week based on some recent articles I have been reading (more on that in later post), I don't have the time with work to incorporate that especially since it gets dark earlier.  So last week, I wanted to test this Sat/Sun before starting my plan.

Last sat I ran alone on the canal in a super muddy run that I swear prepared me for either a tough mudder event or maybe the Olympic long jump.  Sunday I had a game at 11am and then was off to Christine's to do a Spinerval workout with one of her new tapes so I got the bike, the trainer, my stick, my gear and was off in the morning.

looks awesome huh
First observation, my legs felt really good at the game, I was rarely tired, but had a slight quad cramp that 5 min out and stretching fixed.  My half hour drive in the car didn't help my nagging pains in the legs but as soon as I set up the bike and spun it out for about 5 min that passed and 1 hour and 45 min later we accomplished that goal, and had our good friend Quan make us some yummy food and a black and tan.....

Princesses being able to workout while a man cooks and provides beer
Korean marinated chicken

Over a raw veggie salad
This week, with training, I fixed a number of good eats, which I will get to on next post (too many new recipes), and got in all my key workouts, although strength training had to go by the wayside (I was able to fit in 2 short workouts). My work schedule has been relentless with a report and project managing a 8 country project and January's Brewtal beer meeting....but with my new organization skills, I was able to make everything work.
I got through my bike to nowhere by watching Star Wars while it snowed and sleeted on Sat....
The perfect set-up - iPad, movie and bike
 following that with Allagash Curieux - an awesome present from the hubby.

On Sunday, the dreaded treadmill run for 9 miles was on the books (too icy out) so I was able to go with Nicole and run next to each other and then hop off and get into the pool for a super relaxing 1900 meter swim.

I was pooped but what really got me through was being able to hang while training with friends, team mates and music!
I leave you with the latest playlist that displays my ADD (you will see from the vast diversity of songs) for  my long treadmill run (little less than 2 hours)...
please note some of my songs are not included because I could not find them on

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  1. 9 miles on the TM? my brain would break in half.


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