Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 - A Year in Review

As you may have noticed, I kind of took December off from blogging...not purposely, but I was in a whirlwind with everything and didn't have the time, or every time I thought of a post, I thought of something else instead. In all honesty, I probably had a case of writer's block, well, I mean, IF I was a writer, that would be what it was called, but we all know I write like a 5th grader.

I walked away from 2011 with a bunch of lows causing me not to meet my goals and races. 

2011 Race Schedule and Notes

2/13    NOLA 1/2 Marathon - 2:11 time even after being injured with PF and sprained ankle 4 weeks prior.
4/17    CGI Rutger's 1/2 Marathon dropped out due to death in family - Grandpop
6/5      Black Bear Olympic Triathlon - only did aqua-bike - strained flexor hallucis longis - no running
6/18    Parvin Sprint Triathlon - dropped out -too close to Vineman and still injured no running
7/17    Vineman 70.3 - 7:03 - IMPROVED SWIM TIME but had to walk/run the run course due to injury
7/25    CGI Mercer County Sprint Tri- failed attempt at racing 1 week after 70.3 but fun
8/6       Princeton Bike Tour -65 miles  - bike accident at mile 50 - fractured/bruised ribs
9/3      Marlton Lakes Sprint Tri had to call it quits after bike accident for rest of the season
9/10    Quakerman 1/2 Iron 
10/2    Bassman International Distance Tri
11/5    Bridge Run 10K -  60 minutes - 9:40 min miles after just starting to run again 3 weeks earlier!

Goals for 2011 (SET PRIOR INJURIES)

1. 1/2 marathon time should be under 2 hours and if possible crank out a 1:50.
2. Improve my swim time through 3 days a week training and coaching from Germaine.
3. 1/2 Iron time at Vineman under 6 hours.
4. Run pace in sprint distance race at 8min/mile and 8:30-8:45 for Olympic distance.

So as you can see, it didn't look good on the racing front - HOWEVER, I had a wonderful year despite those injuries,  It just means that you have to jump back up with a smile when life smacks you back down. 

Top 10 Highlights of 2011
  1. Mike and I spent some time vacationing in Sonoma after Vineman 70.3.
  2. Became a charter member of Brewtal Beer Club and Mike and I brewed our first beer! Brewtal Alpha Porter.
  3. Met some amazing people/new friends in-person and virtually through twitter and blogging emphasizing the power of social media.
  4. Was able to spend a great vacation with my brother and sister and friends in New Orleans for 1/2 marathon.
  5. Vacationed with both my families - Onion's and LaCouture's in Disney!
  6. Spectated races and able to cheer on my friends and teammates.
  7. Joined Team Triumph - which is an amazing group of people
  8. Co-hosted some fabulous parties with the better half - Christmas in July, Beerathlon and the Not so secret NYE bash.
  9. My brother (@big_onion) and Kaela got engaged and bought a farm!
  10. Asked to be maid (umm matron...) of honor in my best friend's wedding in May 2012!
So, all in all, I am happy and extremely excited for what 2012 brings, I have lots planned on the early side because I really wanted to start training since I had been side-lined.  I have been building my base since November and am ready to embark on my new 20 week training plan for Mooseman which includes two 1/2 marathons in March (St. Patty's Day) and April (tutus) and a possible Olympic tri in April. 

I leave you to go on my 10 mile run.....


  1. Here's to an injury-free 2012! Where is your April half?

  2. good lord you had a tough year. I see big things in 2012 for you!


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