Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some New Staples

So the detox went really well, I carried it out for about 2 weeks with adding caffeine and some alcohol the second week....

With the detox diet I did always comes some good recipes.  Two soups and one warm salad in particular became a staple.  I pumped up my vegetarian chili with some chipoltle chilis in adobo sauce, I fell in love with miso soup and found a new way to do collard greens.

Smoky 3-Bean Chili

1 onion diced
1 stalk of celery chopped
10 baby carrots chopped (this was all I had)
5 cloves of garlic diced
2 green peppers chopped ( I had 1 green and 1 poblano)

Use some olive oil and saute this mixture with medium heat for about 5-7 min until softened.

Add this to a crockpot or just large pot on stove then add the following to the pot.

1 can black beans (or soak dry overnight)
1 can kidney beans
1 can chickpeas
2 chipotled peppers in adobo (add a smoky flavor - can find in Mexican section of most grocery stores) or just do 1 jalepeno chopped.
2 cans of whole tomatoes (break them up with wooden spoon before)
Maybe 1/2-3/4 cup of chicken broth.
Sprinkle in some cumin, chili powder and cayenne pepper.

I let it go on high for an hour or 2 and then low for 4-6 hours in crockpot or just on low for 8 hours.  The longer the better, you can also just do it overnight.

When I serve I use sliced avocado for topping, crumpled rice or corn chips and maybe dollop of 0% greek yogurt and then of course hot sauce (cause nothing is hot enough for me)....I also added some quinoa to the chili.


Mellow Barley Veggie Miso Soup

Bring 5 cups of water to a boil.

Add in the following:
1 chopped leek
1 onion chopped
1 scallion chopped

1 stick kombu (sea vegetable) (about 4")
Let simmer for 10 minutes or so.

Add in the following:
1 baby bok choy (white part only for now)
1/2 cup to 1 cup of chopped green cabbage.

Let simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Use soup broth in a ramekin or small bowl and add 3 tspn of white mellow miso, 3 tspn of barley miso and stir until the paste loosens up.


Add greens of bok chop until bright green.

This is really good for you after "fasting" while sleeping with your digestion, or lunch or dinner :)

So yummy.

Warm Collard Green Salad with Brown Rice Vinegar (adapted from the Jai Seed/Rich Roll cookbook)

1 yellow squash - sliced
char the squash over high heat (no oil) and flip, place in a boil.

Add 1tspn of olive oil and saute some mushrooms and garlic, place over squash.

Add 1 tspn of olive oil and saute some collard greens until translucent, place over mushrooms.

Add some brown rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar, seas salt and pepper.

I ate it with some homemade gazpacho that you can find from one of my previous recipes here.  Easy and delicious.


  1. oooh, that chili looks PERFECT for the weather we are hving right now! yum!

  2. I'm especially liking the sounds of that chili! Need to make asap. Love that you can use the crockpot! BTW: I'm leading another Lulu before yoga run on the 23rd of October (aka next Sunday). You should come....It's going to be great!! :o)


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