Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who Doesn't Celebrate Christmas in July?

Been having a productive week training in my last real week before I taper next week for Vineman 70.3!  I sort of tapered unintentionally last week since I had to travel for work to Mexico and got a "little" sick because I had something to drink with ice....ugh...when I tried to do my swim/bike/runs when I got back it was not good, I was highly dehydrated.  I am happy to report that by Tuesday I was good to go from some Cipro, lots of probiotics and electrolyte drinks...
So when I got home we had big plans for Saturday that my little sickness or training would not get in the way of....Christmas in July Shindig.

Mike (husband) and I have two favorite things:  Christmas and Beer.  This past Christmas, we scored a keg of Scaldis Noel but we also got a keg of Troeg's Mad Elf that came in and unfortunately, could not be kept at the beer store till next year.
Troegg's Mad Elf tastes like cherries, honey and chocolate--delish

So Mike brought the keg home put it upside down and figured we would wait till next year.  UNTIL...the smarty pants bassist from Beyond Dishonor (have to give them a plug), Nick Petti said "why don't you have a Christmas in July party."  And we replied..." could we not!"

4th of July weekend was the only weekend we could do it.  So Mike and I LOVE having parties, but being that this was going to be a crazy busy with work travel for both us, my training, Mike's band gigs/practices/writing, we decided to NOT go overboard for this.  Especially since we have the 5th Yr Beerathlon Party coming up on Labor Day.

So here is a quick photo trip of the festivities and just how we roll....

we played Xmas music and grilled all day

we had fireworks complements of Bill

Christine made her and I Elf hats and Brad and Mike Santa hats
Even Axl got a hat

Meg and I looked like we were going out for the Christmas track team....

The tree was decorated with canned beer
The infamous Nick Petti to the left...

No comment - his "nose" fell off...

Chrismas Pjs
Bobby looked like he was celebraing Xmas with the Irish Soccer team

the parentals and Chris and Brad
Merry Christmas!

My sister and I
Drunk watermelon...Enough said

To prove that I did train - we had a relay of beer
Noel de Calabaza is by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan - Great beer - sour almost a wine taste - little bit of granny smith apple taste
La Rulles Tripple is a really nice beer - it tasted lightly malty and somewhat grassy and hoppy.
Southern Tier Krampus - great lager with brown sugar and caramel on the front
An amazing lambic brewed with strawberries, tart beer but crisp for summer
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. You guys are too much fun! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. this is brilliant! merry july christmas!

  3. Hahaha, I love this! So awesome. I love the tree decorated with beer cans!:)

  4. This is so freaking awesome! What fun!

  5. i see you did the nj state olympic tri last year, any tips for me ???

  6. sooo fun girly! i hope your race went well today :) can't wait to hear all about it !

  7. thanks a ton for the advice !!! i am not going til saturday. good luck in the sprint !!!

    i am super excited and nervous !!!


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