Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back on Track

I feel like I am FINALLY triathlon training again after the four weeks of no running.  I guess I was technically aqua-bike training....Anyway, I was given the green light to start running last week on Wednesday and was able to get in 3 runs Wed/Fri/Sun with no pain.  On Sunday, I was able to do 5 miles with NO PAIN and could have gone longer but did not want to push it after Saturday's hill fest ride which I will talk about later.  This weekend I will attempt 7-8 miles of running and then do another brick on Monday before I start my pseudo-taper (because I feel like with all this work travel I have kind of already started).

My PT guy, Tim, said he wanted me to do 3 min run 2 min walk on Wed, then on Friday do 5 min run 2 min walk 6 times and finally, on Sunday to try 8 min run and 2 min walk 5 times. What I found interesting was that I was able to hold 9-9:20 min miles with no issue on my feet/legs and was able to hold that pace consistently on Sunday's run.  I can run an 8-8:20 min mile for a 5K but lately with all my issues my 1/2 marathon pace went from a 9:00 min pace to a 10 min pace over the past few years not due to breathing but because of pains. Every time I start progressing back to a 9 min pace - something happens...I would like to re-evaluate my running after this 1/2 ironman.  It has been extremely frustrating, because I know I can get faster.

This weekend I am going to do the 8 min run/2 min walk 8 times which has been equivalent to a little less than 10 min miles which I will be extremely happy if I am able to do for that for Vineman.  On Monday, I am going to do a 40 mile ride and 5 mile run since I haven't been able to get in any longer bricks over the past 4 weeks due to the injury.

This past Saturday, I did a charity ride in Bucks County, PA with my friend Katie.  The 50 mile had about 2600 ft of climbing so I thought that would be a nice training ride for Vineman considering it will only be 1100 ft of climbing there.  What's 1100 feet over 56 miles when I just did the Black Bear race with about 1000 feet for only 25 miles.  I am sure Vineman will be no joke but the more I train hills the better I will be for the race.

We knew this ride was going to be interesting when Katie got a flat at the before we even road.
And that's me doing the robot, because that is just how I warm up
We got to the first rest station at about 20 miles in and Katie asked if the worst of the hills were behind us.  The volunteers said yes...(LIARS)  They said that the rest was "not that bad."  In all honesty, I looked at the elevation on my Garmin data this week and we did about 47% of the climbing at that point; however, what made it worse was having mile 22 and 23 a straight 300 ft climb with no descent.  That was fun (she says sarcastically), and it was right after the rest stop, which I found that if I stop I DO NOT get rejuvenated and instead feel tight so this was not a fun feeling.

Anyway, the ride went through some beautiful areas of Pennsylvania, so enough complaining or whining, because although there was 2600 feet of climbing, there was a shitload of descents which I am slowly developing a strong love for going fast and not breaking unless needing to.  I have also improved my handling skills from these rides.

All in all, it was a great day.  Despite that Mike had to leave for San Diego on Thursday and was not going to be back until Wednesday which was after I would be leaving for Mexico (for work) on Tuesday and not seeing him till Friday :( 

This just meant compression socks and cuddling with the cat and dog.

My legs were toast and I was still able to run injury free on Sunday and did not slow me down for my best friend's birthday.  The girls all got together to drink, eat and watch the Season Premiere of True Blood...

OH and while in Mexico I found that I WON a blog giveaway from Untilyoutri - check out her blog - it's great.  And this is what I won from Allied Medals - check out their site - cool stuff!!  I can hang all my pretty medals in my office now!

Last but not least, I am enjoying the Mexican hospitality - and give a big thumbs up to Mexico City and Merida.  Interesting cities, my work is cut out for me, but I enjoyed learning the differences between another area of the world of the veterinary business.  I had to dig deep to try to remember various phrases and words but it was all worth it....

And not to mention, awesome guacamole!  Muy Bien!

As I now put my feet back up, put on my headphones (for translation not iPod) and listen & take notes to another focus group.

Notice the Pedro Garcia cute shoes...

Hasta Luego!


  1. So much great stuff to comment on! Thanks for the shout out! I love the medal design:). I'm glad you were able to get some runs in with no pain--and good for you for making sure you take it easy! That bike sounds HILLY. Yuck. Also, your cat is beautiful!! Your dog is adorable, too of course, but I am a little biased as a cat person, hehe;). And, last but not least--love the shoes!:)

  2. So glad that you are up and running again... and it sounds like you are easing into it just right! :) Smooth sailing from here... that's what I'm hoping for!

    Glad you had fun in Mexico. And you are too cute doing the robot. Doesn't everyone warm up that way? :)

  3. yup, great to hear you are running again. and i love the hilly climbs of PA, hope you really did enjoy the ride!


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