Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Keep Sane During a Northeast Winter - Part 3 - Winter Beer List and "Travesty" CD Release

This is the last installment of my 3 part series - How to Keep Sane During a Northeast Winter. So we had swimming, eating and well we can't forget the last part - beer....Okay, I love good wine as well, but there is something about getting cozy with one of these babies during the winter.

1. Southern Tier Chocolat - this is a great stout, it is smooth and not too sweet. A nice dessert?

2. Scaldis Noel - okay this is also dessert... this was an expensive keg but it was so worth it. It is a higher percentage of alcohol so be careful while drinking, 12%...It is a fantastic sweet and a little spice added to it.

3. Weyerbacker Merry Monks - another great beer from this fine Pennsylvania brewery. It tasted like it may have some pear notes to it. It is delicious...enough said.

4. Lefthand Milk Stout - OMG - this is amazing. If beer could be like a chocolate milk shake - this would be it.

5. Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu - I have to say - Dogfish Head may be my favorite brewery. I got this one for Christmas and it was exactly as the label describes: Wildflower honey, Muscat grapes, barley malt, hawthorn fruit, and Chrysanthemum flowers

6. Terrapin Hop Karma Brown IPA - this was a good beer, more of an everyday beer.

7. Trader Joe's Vintage Ale - this was a nice surprise when I walked into Trader Joe's....I bought it not having a big expectation. It was a great belgium style ale with some spices for the holidays.

8. La Chouffe Golden Ale - A belgium pale ale that deserves the 99 points it received from Beer Advocate.

9. Delirium Nocturnam - Belgium dark ale. This was very tasty and surprisingly not that strong.

10. And last but not least...


Nah, seriously, last night we had an amazing beer. I think I stated earlier that Dogfish Head does not disappoint - My Antonia actually started out as a collaboration beer with Birra del Borga - now they brew it in Delaware. This was very tasty, smooth, pilsner that's a bit hoppy.

So my husband, Mike Lock, as you know is the drummer in an awesome metal band - Beyond Dishonor (you may hear me talk about it from time to time).
They just released their second album - Travesty - I placed a little sampler below.

If you have some time, "like" them on Facebook or check out them out on Reverbnation.

And I will leave you with a short video of Mike drumming to "Otis" from the new album...

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  1. i like the beer better than the clean eating- way more fun ! :)


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