Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh Start to a New Season

As of today, I was number 51 on the Vineman 70.3 waiting list and 10 were notified bringing me to number 41! The list is moving fast!! I was told that they take the first 500-700 on the list through a friend of mine that is friends with the event manager; therefore, I think I have a spot! Last year, I did my first half-ironman in September thus starting my HIM training in April/May. This basically means that if I am doing Vineman - training starts ASAP!

Given that as of late, I have not really swam more than once a week or sometimes none, biked on my trainer at most 2 hours a week, and running at maybe 10-20 miles a week based on my feet and a sprained ankle, I needed to start picking up the hours if I wanted to start a 20 week plan which starts around 9 hours a week not counting yoga/strength training.

A few months ago my friend Bill received his certification to be a triathlon coach, so I am one of his first clients! He sent some tests so that I can do that over the next couple weeks to establish heart rates on the bike and run and for some swim times. We will be using Training Peaks which is a cool piece of software. I love data so this is right up my alley. Nicole, him and I met last week to go over the software, talk about race schedules and so that she could get her new aero-bars put on.
Since my swimming has been HORRIBLE , Germaine, the best swim coach around :), offered his assistance. He assessed a number of areas to work on and we had a great 1 hour session last week. I am quite confident that the only way to go is up from here.

My training week looked like this last week (2/21-2/27).

  • Monday - Bike test (10 min warm up with 5x30 sec sprints and 1 min rest, 30 min all out - last 20 min average heart rate - and 10 min cool down) - HR was 144 on average and max of 152. We decided that I need to do a time trial for a more accurate picture.
  • Tuesday - Swim (3x300 test with w/u 200m and c/d 300m - times were HORRIBLE (please don't laugh - I preface that I did not know how to swim besides doggy paddle about 3.5 years ago) at 6:29, 6:30, 6:26 - guess this is what I get for taking off of swimming for so long. I was feeling under the weather for a soon to be 3 day cold so I bagged running that night and did some back/chest/shoulder/arm weights.
  • Wednesday - Off (Sick)
  • Thursday - Off (Sick)
  • Friday - Afternoon swim lesson with Germaine where we timed 4x100s 1:45, 1:55, 2:05 and 1:49. PM - bike for 1 hour on trainer
  • Saturday - Run 6 miles at 57:56 (9:35min/mile pace)
  • Sunday - Bike - 1 hour on trainer
Total approximately 6 hours.

I have a good race schedule for this year:

4/17 - CGI Rutger's 1/2 Marathon
6/5 - Black Bear Olympic Triathlon - (This is a super hilly course - very excited! This is also where the new Poconos 70.3 will be this year)
6/18 - Parvin Sprint Triathlon
7/17 - Vineman 70.3
9/3 - Marlton Lakes Sprint Tri
9/10 - Quakerman 1/2 Iron distance race

I am super-excited - it looks like good weather this week and I can take "Aura" away from the TV and on the open road.
I set some attainable goals for this year:
1. 1/2 marathon time should be under 2 hours and if possible crank out a 1:50.
2. Improve my swim time through 3 days a week training and coaching from Germaine.
3. 1/2 Iron time at Vineman under 6 hours.
4. Run pace in sprint distance race at 8min/mile and 8:30-8:45 for Olympic distance.

This week I have plans for 3 swims/bikes/runs and yoga/2 weight sessions which will total about 9 hrs swim/bike/run and 2 hours of yoga/strength. I meet with Bill this week for another bike fitting and to design the plan for this season.

I also am starting off with my healthy detox to start the week clean. I think my liver needs a break and I want to work hard to earn what is now going to be in my basement....Ten Fidy


  1. love the goals! you got it in the bag! sorry i missed you on your last night in NOLA- my hubby came home from his deployment in cuba that day :) sooo great to meet you... lots more fun times to be had for sure :)

  2. I just cleared the Vineman waitlist... so you are one closer (at least)

  3. Oooh... so hope you get into Vineman (I think you will!)

    Your goals are awesome - definitely attainable, yet they are going to push you. And that's awesome that you got a coach!

  4. good luck with vineman! LOVE that course!


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