Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kickin' it Ole' School

I'll tell you what - working out really makes me happy. The whole endorphin rush is completely true. I haven't really been able to run a lot due to the plantar fascitiis and the sprained ankle. This really got me down for a while.

So on Monday, I got a little high with a little help from my I didn't do smoke any Mary Jane...I went to Lululemon in Philly with Christine and Nicole to buy our 1/2 Marathon "outfits." I called my brother to check with him on the normal New Orleans weather and he said 40-60...well that helps a seriously - it helped a lot in making me spend more money :)

We had so much fun, we got two outfits:
  • The first was the "in case of warm weather outfit" - short sleeves and the runner hustle crop (BTW - I tried them today and they were great!)
  • The second was the "in case of cold weather outfit" - long sleeve and hat and then the same capris.
We are kind of banking on the warm weather because we also bought the "groove pant" that works nicely with the long sleeve so that we can wear it to the after-BBQ at my brothers. We can look like complete dorks all dressed the same...

So, that helped get me happy and the rest of the week I pulled in some quality cross-training sessions:
  • Swim of 2000 meters with some interval work in between of 100's
  • A couple spin classes
  • Weights
  • P90x - core synergistics which was AWESOME!
I am now ready with my 1 week off of running for today's endeavor on the dreaded treadmill, otherwise known as the "dreadmill". In order to prepare me for that I made a little mix last night that will hopefully get me through. I was trying to think of a theme and my high school days kept coming up in my head. Yes, I was in HS from 89-93 when big hair was cool (I am talking about the perm complete with gel, mousse and AquaNet hairspray that is teased with a "wall" in the front - see photo below).
(That's me third from the left in the back row)

I thought back to my HS track team days and the songs I would play in my head in order to get through the runs - we didn't have no MP3's in those here is what I came up with...

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  1. I love that you bought outfits for the race! :) Too fun! And I love that mix... definitely brings back memories!


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