Friday, January 11, 2013

First Swim Since September....

I know I was just I didn't want to....literally I felt like I was kicking and screaming going back to the pool the other day...I think after AC Tri, I just figured I was in off-season, I would take a couple weeks off from swimming and just run and bike.  Then a couple weeks turned into months...and then it got cold and who feels like going into a pool when it's cold outside even if the pool is indoors.

After finding out I was prego, my first thought was ohh, I am just going to focus on swimming and I'll be awesome by the time next August comes!  I thought to myself, "new motivation." But then the negative voice in my head said "But it's sooo cold....and I am so tired...I have the flu...oops can't find my goggles...shit I found my goggles but my bathing suit! I need a new one, the other one smells like chlorine and is gross......"the excuses were insane.

Finally, this week I had no nausea and wasn't as tired! Game on! I decided I would swim at least 2 days this week and run/bike the balance with some weights/yoga thrown in.  I went on Wednesday, I kicked and screamed a little then I got a break in the day from work at lunch and left the house with my swim gear.  When I got to the gym, I dipped my toe expecting coldness and it was I jumped in and went for it.   I only did 2000 meters but I thought "not bad" from not doing ANYswimming since September.  My arms were a little tired in the beginning but after about 600 meters I had some pep in my arms/legs and was fine.   I mixed it up with some intervals and pull sets and kick sets.

I then went immediately home and ordered new goggles, a swim cap and new TYR one-piece suit....

as much as I would have rather ordered a cute Betty Design suit, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money until post-baby.

So now, it's Friday, I plan to go back to the pool after work and work through my favorite swim workout (I usually add to the main set during real training):

W/U - 300 SW 200 K 100SW 200 K
Main Set - 2 x 250 (100 mod 50 fast 100 mod) with 30 sec rest
                 4 x 150 (50 mod 50 fast 50 mod) with 20 sec rest
                 4 x 100 (25 mod 50 fast 25 mod) with 15 sec rest
C/D - 100 Free
Total - 2400


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