Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rest of Summer Happenings...

It's been a while, a long while since I posted something....I just really felt like I didn't have much to post.  Which has been ridiculous because so much is going on...The rest of the summer has been going, I lost a lot of motivation with training.  I signed up for Atlantic City Tri International Distance just because...although I was happy to do a race with my bestie...

part of me was upset that I just couldn't find another half-ironman during a convenient date so I have been just blah from training.  I guess I just wasn't excited about it.  I couldn't quite find a plan so just kept chugging with swimming, biking and running following my normal schedule from half-ironman training.  Life has been crazy with Mike spending most of his time taking care of his dad, which just makes me love and miss the guy even more (I didn't know after 15 years that that was even possible).  He has been self-less and really dealing with a lot until they get nursing care.  For one day while I was there we were able to get him out of bed, it was a great day!

We were able to spend the time we have doing things we love (e.g. beer) so it's been lots of quality time when we can get it.
Trying lots of phenomenal beers
Great quality chilling times

Hanging with the boys before Nick left for Australis
Trying to sell the Brewtal growlers

On our way to a Brewtal meeting

Wedding for some friends
I have had some really good and fun times since my last post...
Running with my mama 

We also started the book club of the CENTURY - CGBC - Cool Girls Book Club - 
yup it's official

And...the 6th Annual Beerathlon occurred and it was awesome with costumes and lots of fun!  Plus I got to play Coach H for not one but TWO HGRC teams.

Left-overs of a party...

Mojitos after party...

Finally, it's a week before the race, and I still can't put a finger on why I am not excited about it, but it could be the fact that the day of the race I will be 37!!  What???  When did 37 happen? But in actuality it was probably training since November with no break.  BUT I put in the work, I know this will be a nice flat race (PR, maybe?).  So I am going to go into this race as a CELEBRATION, a celebration of all the hard work, the highs and lows of the summer, and turning 37.  Oh yeah, and in the spirit of over-achievement I have my first hockey game of the season the next day with my new stick!!!


  1. 37? you look about 14, don't fret.

  2. You've got solid training in ya, you'll do great. And totally true on what Katie said. Nothing to worry about with 37! You look great and are still having a blast!


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