Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Bear and Katy Perry

I went on blogger the other day and looked at my posts....3/25 was the last post. It is hard to imagine it has been that long. I had a number of events happen over the past month that have caused my training to take a bit of a back seat. I looked on my Training Peaks and I saw my time log go from 12:30 to 7:29 to 9:07 to 5:06 and then the last two weeks were about 10 hours. I don't regret not training, I spent a lot of time with family and friends and shared some wonderful moments and many sad ones.

I have had tons of ideas with posts and will probably just bombard you with them this week if you are still there.

I have a lot on my plate right now with work, and the countless obligations that come along with summer. I just found out I got a great project but that will mean going away for 2 weeks to Canada and Mexico and getting home just in time for Black Bear Olympic race. Black Bear is not just any race. I recently checked into last year's results and the average bike pace for the top female was 19mph and the top in my 35-39 age group was (gulp) 16.8....ummmm can you say hilly?? It says "scenic yet challenging" hills...I already knew what I was getting myself into, because a friend of mine said things like "people fell over" "some were walking it and they were good cyclist" and well the Ironman brand is coming in and using the course for the 70.3...should be interesting...

So here's the issue...where do I go to train for this? I have been doing a lot of heavy gear riding to get ready but nothing is going to get me ready for what they call "sling- shot hills" (that is where you climb and then you turn and you think you are flat and there is another hill immediately). I would have loved to get out there but there is just no time.

My other conundrum is that I don't know whether I should take my new tri-bike "Aura" or my road bike. I hear mix reviews so if you have any advice - PLEASE GIVE IT!!

I have a couple 13 hour training weeks over the next couple week before I travel. I figure the weeks I am away I will have to do some running, weights and exercise bike and just be a weekend warrior. I am fully prepared for an Olympic but I need to up the ante a little on the HIM plan. I have lots of obligations so it means take some deep breaths, wake up a little earlier and get'er done. I usually just get a little anxiety, start freaking out to my husband and friends and then about 5 minutes later just figure that what happens happens and I'll get through it!

So back on a good note I leave you with Beyond Dishonor's latest video - covering Katy Perry's ET (I guess you were trying to figure out the Katy Perry connection). This is a MUST-SEE and not just because I am the wife of a drummer that BTW recently got sponsored by Dark Horse Percussion - check out the link!!

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