Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Training and Good Beer...

Training has been going really good since the race. My legs have showed back up so that's good. I put in about 14 hours last week...filled with you guessed it...biking, swimming and running...I had a great swim lesson with the girls on Wednesday and looking forward to another tonight - possibly with the underwater camera :).

I had some great rides - one where I had to play catch up to the group ride that left 10 min before. Caught up 1/2 way and with limited oxygen, but I did it. Thursday's short brick went great and then got to celebrate with the girls with margaritas (skinny ones) then I switched off to Dos Equis! Plus we had to plan our next victory at the 2010 beerathlon!!! HGRC - can we be the champs for the 4th year in a row - We will cause we are AWESOME - and who says that boys are better than girls at drinking!! Be a fan HGRC Beerathlete Champs on Facebook!
this was our kick-ass faces...

I had the Princeton Bike Tour and chose the "Hilly More than a Metric Century Ride" that was awesome.

some necessities - I figured I would play with some nutrition. I used Gu Recovery Drink due to the protein/carb ratio and did 2 gu's and 2 bottles of water and 2 gatorade/water combo. Worked perfectly. I think we were averaging the total ride around 16-17 with some nice hill's that did not go away.

Scape sunscreen and my new Lululemon cycling outfit. It was ultra comfy and I also managed no tanlines so both were great purchases!!
Susan (who is doing her first tri this September - woo hoo!!) rode with me she kept note of the computer miles I held the sheet to shout out the turns.

I had my 9 mile run that I wasn't looking forward to due to the hangover from the supposed let's go out for one beer and then stay out till...but turned out to be my best run yet and I got to run with my new Zensah compression sleeves - IN PINK!!! I wish I took a picture I looked like the friekin girliest dork out there on the canal in my pink and grey - maybe I felt the need to redeem myself in all my girly glory among the mountain bikers...or maybe it was that we were going to my favorite bar - Varga Bar - for Angie's birthday that has the best micro-brews on tap. Mike brought our growler which we filled with Bell's Expedition Stout.

Plus we played Beer Bingo

sponsored by Lefthand Brewery and Quan and I won!!
I thought I would close the post with some of my top 5 beers as of late...there are so many so this is just a "tasting..."

1. Oscar Blues Ten Fity - always at the the cans
2. Allagash Curieux - all around best tasting beer with a nice bourbon taste - and well this shit ....f...u CAREFUL!! This was a sad day when our sixtel kicked...
3. Horn Dog Barley Wine -- yum is all I can say - another sad day when the sixtel kicked...
4. Dogfish Head - Palo Alto - a new one I tried and loved it..still holding on to the last in the fridge.
5. Great Divide - Colette Farmhouse Ale - had this at the beach and YUMMMMMMY!

Stay tuned, I am doing adding some recipes later this week...
- Cauliflower Rice - Italian style and then used as leftovers
-Kale/Pineapple Smoothie
-Oatbran/Wheat Germ Blueberry Banana Carrot Muffins
-Sea Bass and roasted tomato squash and broccoli rabe pesto (jury still out on that recipe...)


  1. such a small world!!! we were tempted to go to Varga bar for the beer bingo, but ended up going there Monday afternoon for a beer instead....the bartender there is awesome and very beer knowledgable. we also went to the Good Dog which has great beer as well.

    as for hills- PHILLY WAS HILLY! just not virginia. we did the gran fondo century and it was a climb fest!

    glad i found your blog- i'll keep following your philly/NJ adventures!

  2. The bartender is my best friend's brother. I was planning on doing the Gran Fondo and my friends opted out, so I did a local bike tour.

  3. thanx for all the NOLA info girly! You'll have to let me know when you make your next stop back to the big easy :) and looooove the beer list!


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