Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thoughts from the Trainer

So I had an incredible week so far...
Monday - Long Run (postponed from Sunday) - 80 minutes but i needed to walk about 10 minutes since it was ungodly hot and humid and I did NOT bring enough water.

Tuesday - Bike for 1 hour and 30 min with 5x5 min Hill intervals and 5 min recovery (from the trainer) - AGAIN RIDICULOUSLY HOT - us in NJ were reaching record breaking temps

Wednesday - HOT - so decided to do the run in the morning and the swim in the pm. I did a run for 40 min that included12 x 1 min in Z5+ and it was in Z5+ and 1 min recovery. Then in the early evening I did a 2500 m swim workout
  • 350 wu
  • 8x25 drills (fingertip, r/l, dps)
  • 9x75 hard with 45 s rest
  • 8x25 all out sprints with 20 s rest
  • 8x25 kick
  • 350 cool down
Thursday - Brick - went on the group ride for 25 miles sockless - we averaged about 18 with some sick hills and then did about 3.4 miles in 28 minutes (awesome for me).

Friday - Swim about 2100 meters
  • 350 wu
  • 8x25 drills
  • 5x200 intervals with 20 s rest (moderately hard)
  • 4x50 sprints with 20 s rest
  • 350 c/d I had all these wonderful plans, I was meeting my friend Susan for a 50 mile loop and was very excited but the weather called for thunderstorms and rain so that was post-poned till next weekend and here I was stuck on the trainer for 3 mf hours...
  1. 8:30am - get up make myself cottage cheese and 1 slice of smart carb bread with pb and apple butter
  2. 9am - switch my tires, change into tri suit, fill my bottles, clean up
  3. 9:45 - it begins with the finishing of an episode of Pretty Little Liars...I know I can't believe I watch it either..
  4. 10:15 - Start a Treme episode - I love this the music gets me going and I was zoning.
  5. 11:15 - I am bored!!!! But I keep on going, I start some visualization - I have Olympic in 2 weeks and in 9 weeks I will be doing my first 1/2 ironman
  6. 11:30 - Christine calls - we talk about the long run tomorrow (still on my trainer), and next week doing a swim at Marlton Lake and a long run (well me long run, her for part).
  7. 11:35 - Next episode of Treme - I love the music did I say that?? I love Nawleans! Makes me want to go see my bro...
  8. 12:15 - Fall of trainer....have no clue, maybe not set up right...
  9. 12:20 - Back on trainer - been taking about 3 Gu Chomps, 1 water bottle done, sweat is on the floor nice...
  10. 12:30 - Crap this is going to be the most difficult mentally challenging 15 min.. I want to scream, what do I watch!!!
  11. 12:35 - I decide on the Hills 100th episode - what is Kristin doing now? Will she hook up with Brody...Guilty pleasure
  12. 12:45 - I am friekin' done!!!!!
Now on for work, and then blog, work again and then get to go hang with Tanya tonight for her belated birthday - I hope she loves her present!!!!

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