Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Long Ride and Other News

I want to recap on what I was supposed to do last week and what I actually did...

Last week's plan went like this

Monday - Off day
Tuesday - Swim at 8am (1950meter - speed intervals) and Bike on trainer 1:10 (9x1min Z5)
Wednesday - Strength training and Run Speed Intervals or track workout (50-60 min)
Thursday - Run 50 minute @Z2 then Bike for 1:30 @Z2 (think I may do the Group ride for this)
Friday - Strength training (plyos/core) and Swim 2000 m (drills/intervals)
Sat - Bike 2 hours and 30 minute run (BRICK)
Sun - Swim Time Trial (w/up, then 1650 TT, c/d) and then 1 hour Run

Here's what really was a hard week of work and I accomplished alot which makes me think that even though I work from home, I do work alot of hours and still am able to fit in training and fun!!

Monday - Off day - CHECK!
Tuesday - Swim at 8am (1950meter - speed intervals) and Bike on trainer 1:10 (9x1min Z5) - CHECK! + YOGA
Wednesday - Strength training and Run Speed Intervals or track workout (50-60 min) CHECK!
Thursday - Bike for 1:30 @Z2 (OKAY NO EXTRA RUN - but I did the group ride on Thursday and had to make it back to work that night - so I clocked in another 26 miles and Nicole and I met a new friend - Susan!)
Friday - Strength training (plyos/core) and Swim 2000 m (drills/intervals) CHECK! plus Theresa and I got our hair done

and mom did too - Theresa and Mommy look so cute here...

and then me and mom..

AND a nice dinner that grandpop planned since my Aunt Noreen was home (she's a former Hawaii Ironman - way before it got cool). That's aunt Noreen on the bottom row - she now lives in Bend, OR and is still extremely active. My uncle Glenn (not here) just placed in a 13 mile trail race in Bend - so they are my resources - both former Ironmen...

also in the pic to the left is Vanessa (who just agreed to play a soccer tournament the next day), me (the 50 miler the next day), Lauren (who has the little kiddies, former champion beerathlete with me, and studying that is a superwoman), their mom (Aunt Deb), Aunt Jenai, my mom, then Aunt Noreen, Leah, my lovely sister (who just got a part in Music Man :0) and then Ava.

Followed by Grandpop's boys - Uncle Paul, my Dad, GPop (the original Onion), Uncle Carmen, Uncle Richard and Phil (finally turning 21...)

Sat - Bike 2 hours and 30 minute run (BRICK) - Okay so this didn't happen either - so instead I managed to do my first ever 50 miler ride for a charity - So DOUBLE CHECK!!
Sun - Swim Time Trial (w/up, then 1650 TT, c/d) and then 1 hour Run - little pooped so I did the swim not as time trial and then 50 minute run on "dreadmill" since it looked like it was going to pour... CHECK! and post-birthday dinner for Mike at my parents...spaghetti and meatballs - I needed it by then..

All in all it was about 13.4 hours versus the 11.2 I was supposed to do (including strength and power yoga)

So - about my ride...

We did the Anchorhouse - Cory's Ride on Sat. It was a 50 mile loop - Nicole, Susan and I stayed together so "no man is left behind."

Always make sure you have sunscreen: this picture cracks me up!!

We get there and they say the ride is not marked - so here is your never fear team - Captain Heather (who loves directions and maps will handle the paper - I didn't tell them I can't walk and chew gum at the same time.. I think they may have been worried of me taking my eyes off the road then.). So we decided to role like this. I yelled the street name and the mile we needed to turn and Nicole and Susan kept tabs on their computer.
Lots of turns and lots of hills (for NJ standards) some with little recovery - my favorite!

Sidebar: I don't know what I love hills but I do - I decided a while back to embrace the big ass and thighs that I was genetically un-blessed with.. and decide that that was where my power and extra reserves would come from and since then realized that me and hills are friends.

So we met up at the 1/2 way point with gatorade, water and fruit, it was getting hot. I then realized I need to have another water bottle on my bike.

We moved on, and the last half we met up with a couple of gentleman that allowed us to do some drafting...what fun...and then we left them behind. We later took another gu stop for a min and they caught up for awhile we drafted and we moved on.

It was nice to see that our state of NJ, contrary to popular belief, is NOT overrun by malls and developments and in fact has a fair amount of farm land!! Hail to the horses, cows and veggies!!

We got back and had a great post-ride lunch spread including Riverhorse Brewery!!

I did crash on the couch that night...and perked back up for Sunday's long ride.

Monday - was a well-needed rest day...

Until next time - plan to post some of my favorite recipes and food...

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