Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Motivational 5K and Girls Night

An awesome training week last week. Got in some great bikes, runs, weights and swims.
So Saturday morning I had planned on doing a 5K with my sister and my friends. I was going to use it like a time trial for this summer's races and training.I got up with no big intentions, no big plans, but when I got there and the horn blew, I felt like I was flying and I couldn't feel my feet. First mile marker comes by and I look at my HR monitor, it says 7:30? Really??? Awesome, but my heartrate, is about 168 so I got worried that maybe I couldn't sustain this for the three miles, doubt started going through my head. I decided to slow down, and then I didn't see another mile marker. But when I did get to the finish line it said 25:30 - so for the first time in a long time I averaged 8:13!! My sister took a great picture at the finish line.
Nicole did great too!! She shaved off 2 min 30 sec from last year! Theresa did the walk and went 5 min faster!!

All in all a great start of the day to go to Wegman's for their tastings and liquor store opening...
I came out to find the Yellow Audi with an old lover...a red Audi...:(
BBQ at Angie's with some chicken on a stick - complements of Chef Quan...
On to Nordstroms...we won't repeat what happened there (new shorts, shirts...)
And then on to a Vampire themed Girl's night at Tanya's..complete with martinis, wine and yummy food, and shots of bubblegum vodka (recipe for disaster the next day).

where they attempted to teach me how the stars stand...wasn't working for me..
had a great time with great friends.

Unfortunately, I went for a 6 mile run on Sunday followed by a lost voice, and then felt sick for the past two days - thank God it's a recovery week for training.

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