Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 - Will it be a good year??

This is my first post of the blog, so I will need to get you up to speed.. I started training for triathlons back in 2007. Until then I was a mediocre runner (some half marathons), gym rat and field hockey player. Tried two duathlon back in 2001 but only had a mountain bike and well that wasn't so much fun...

My inspiration came from my Aunt Noreen. Her and her husband did the Hawaii Ironman back in the early 90s. I mean, she told me that her first race, she was the last one out of the transition area because she wanted to do her hair! She later went on to do the Hawaii Ironman!

I was bored, I have a version of ADD (self-diagnosed) and was tired of just running and spin class...

It started with a drunkin' girlz night and some jager - next thing I knew I convinced Christine (ex-volleyball player) of the plan, and we were signing up for a sprint triathlon for Labor Day 2007.

Hurdle 1 - Swimming....
I went into work that week and here is how the conversation went at lunch.
Scene takes place in the cafeteria.

Heather - "So, I think I am doing a triathlon this year."
Person 1 - "That's awesome! When is it?"
Boss - "Heather, you swim? I knew you ran..."
Heather - "No, but I figure I have 5 months to figure it out."
Boss - "I hope you don't drown."
Heather - "Yeah, the husband said the same thing. Ahhh...details, details..."

So, how did I learn?
Well, first I thought the swim cap was supposed to keep your hair dry...Hmmm...
Then, I watched, looked at the internet, asked people at the pool.
Eventually, the new pool manager says to me he is offering lessons...

I did a couple lessons before the race. I was obsessed with planning so I had a plan for the sprint that Christine and I followed. I bought a road bike. Life was good!

I got in the water for the race, I am treading water with Christine and I freeze. I literally forgot what to do. So instead I knew I had to get across and just did literally every stroke (side stroke, breast stroke, freestyle) until I got to the end.

We finished!! I did 1 hour 21 minutes for my first one - not terrible!

Fast forward...
Since then, I have completed 5 more triathlons (including my first Olympic distance race!), 2 duathlons, 9 running races,

had 3 beerathlon victories,

suffered 4 injuries, and we started the Hot Girls Running Club (join us on facebook!).

Now for 2010. I got my first injury of the year, a bruised rib (from field hockey - took an elbow to the ribs but I got the ball!), after coming off of bursitis in my shoulder and a sprained ankle within the past 2 months. Details...details...

Races for 2010
1. Unite 1/2 Marathon at Rutger's University (4/18)
2. Broad Street 10 mile Run (5/2)
3. Parvin State Sprint Tri (6/19)
4. Philadelphia Women's Sprint Tri (7/11)
5. NJ State Olympic Distance Tri (7/25)
6. D&Q Marlton Lakes Sprint Tri (9/4)
7. Diamondman 1/2 Ironman - (9/12)

Goals for 2010
Run 9min miles or under at Broad Street 10 miler
Stop cramping from the bike to run
Run 8:30 miles for sprint distance races
Top 3 of age group at Marlton Lakes Tri
Break 6 hours for my first 1/2 Ironman

Now off to cycle on the trainer...can't do much on a bruised rib.

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